Calling The Shots

By Earl Strom with Blaine Johnson




Earl Strom refereed in the NBA from 1957 to 1990, with only a 4-year break when he worked in the ABA.  In that time, he was known as the greatest official in the game, if not all sports.

Strom tells his life story, focusing how he got into the game, his jump to the ABA, his return, and his battles with the establishment.  He takes many shots at Head of Officials Darrell Garretson and his attempts to take personality out of the job, as well as some of his fellow officials that he has low regard for, namely Richie Powers.

Most of all, he tells his theory on controlling a game and his ideas about no-calls, game play, superstar treatment, and even-handedness.  Whether or not you agree, he makes good points.  He also tells numerous witty stories.

It is worth reading because the view of one of the all-time great NBA officials is a unique viewpoint.

Introspection:  3
Insight:  5
History:  1957-1990
Readability:  4

Calling the Shots: My Five Decades in the NBA.  Earl Strom with Blaine Johnson.  Simon & Schuster.  1990.

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