Winning is an Attitude

By Steve Wartenberg


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Excellent, excellent book!  I found this at a dollar store, which is an excellent place to grab basketball books.  This book covers the 1989-90 Temple Owls and is also a biography of their coach, John Chaney.  Some of the names a NBA die-hard will recognize, such as Mark Macon (Denver Nuggets 1st round selection in 1991), Donald Hodge (Dallas Mavericks), and Duane Causwell.  At the end of the book, Chaney had just recruited Aaron McKie (Portland Trailblazers/Detroit Pistons/Philadelphia 76ers) and Eddie Jones (Lakers).  His assistant coach, Jimmy Maloney, was the father of Houston Rockets' guard, Matt Maloney.

        The book covers many aspects, such as Chaney's zone defense and coaching philosophy, his famous "interactions" with referees, his dislike of John Calipari, and his wonderful teaching/father figure methods he uses with his players.

Introspection: 5
Insight: 4
History: 1988
Readability: 5

Winning is an attitude:  A season in the life of John Chaney and the Temple Owls.  Steve Wartenberg.  St. Martin's Press. 1991.


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