By Larry Bird with Bob Ryan


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         A very very good book.  I waited awhile to read it because I have seen a lot of things on TV, video, etc about Larry Bird's life story, but this added a lot more.  Bird tells of growing up poor and how he got into basketball.  He tells of his dedication to the sport and also about joining and leaving Indiana and why he chose to go to Indiana State.  He also covers his pro career up through his injury plagued 1989 season.  The last part of the book is Bird's views on Red Auerbach, Robert Parish, different opponents, rituals, arenas, etc.  He also has a lot of entertaining stories and explains a lot of his nuances.  Quick and enjoyable reading. The only drawback is that it really doesn't talk about what a lousy father he was to his first daughter.  It's whitewashed, but it's not like Bird, or ESPECIALLY Bob Ryan would say something bad about Bird.

Introspection: 4
Insight: 4
History: 1976-89
Readability: 5

Drive:  The Story of My Life.  Larry Bird with Bob Ryan.  Bantam Books.  1990.    



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