Forward:  Rick Barry

By Robert Geline and Priscilla Turner


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        Not really a deep book.  If you want to learn a lot about Rick Barry read his book Confessions of a basketball Gypsy.   I got this book at the dollar store (a good place to get some decent basketball books).  This book can be read in about an hour.  It's 46 pages long and has a LOT of photographs.  The premise of the book is "Ain't Rick Grand?"  It covers the 1974-75 NBA Champion Golden State team that Barry was captain of and contains good playoff coverage.  It does all revolve around Barry, though, which isn't necessarily bad (the book IS about him, after all).  It's just that you don't get 2-dimensional (team) or 3 dimensional (team + opponent) depth and background.
        It's basically written for kids around 10-13 years old.  I knew very little about Barry and his career so I did learn a lot from it, but it wasn't exactly the deepest book.
Insight:  1
History:  1975
Readability:  5

Forward:  Rick Barry.  Robert Geline and Priscilla Turner.  Raintree Editions.  1976.


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