Walt Frazier:  One Magical Season and a Basketball Life

By Walt Frazier with Neil Offen


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         This was pretty good reading.  It's a good book to start with, if you are going to read about the 1969-70 Knicks.  It's not as detailed, so it's a good foundation.  He wrote this book almost 20 years later, so he doesn't have the detailed day-by-day reporting.  He tells his life story and covers the season, but not necessarily in detail.  During the chronologically, he inserts the stories from the past and even after 1970, such as when he was traded to Cleveland for his final year (he seemed a little bitter toward Willis Reed about this).  After the season is over, he gives a quick chapter on
what he's done since he's left basketball.  He also tells his opinion of late 80s basketball players and his advice for defending them, along with his choices of greatest basketball players ever.  The back contains 4 pages of statistics from that season and Frazier's career.  The book reads very quickly.

Introspection:  2
Insight:  3
History:  1969-70 mostly with 1968-1978 also.
Readability:  5

Walt Frazier.  One Magical Season and a Basketball Life.  Walt Frazier with Neil Offen.  Times Books.  1988.    


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