Falling From Grace

By Terry Pluto


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        Another gem from the man who brought us Tall Tales and Loose Balls.  Pluto is simply one of the best basketball writers I have read. When I read this, back in 1995, I was disturbed and found it depressing and pessimistic.  3 years later, I realize that it was a warning and many of the predictions have come true.

        The premise of the book is "what's wrong with the current NBA."  Scores had been falling; the pace had slowed; young players were rebelling against successful coaches; unproven rookies were demanding ridiculous contracts; the league is simply more interested in entertainment than in producing a quality product.

        Pluto once again gathers a cast of experts and have them kick around the topics, such as should the zone be brought in, how should the CBA really work, why players can't shoot, why coaches won't allow players to run, the thuggery that passes for defense and how to improve the game.  The panel consists of people from all different walks:  Charles Barkley, Rick Barry, Hubie Brown, Jerry Colangelo, Bob Costas, Jerry Krause, Wally Rooney, Jerry Tarkanian, and even David Stern (who seemed to be the only person who thought that nothing was wrong with the league -- oh David, you reap what you sow!)
        A lot of interesting points are brought up.  Whether you agree or disagree, the arguments are valid and need to be discussed.

Insight:  5
History:  1988-1994
Readability:  4

Falling From Grace: Can Pro Basketball be Saved?  Terry Pluto.  Simon and Schuster.  1995.    



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