Bull Session

By Johnny Kerr and Terry Pluto


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        This book takes place after the 1988-89 season.  Everyone had the Bulls written off as a 1-man team that could not contend for the title.  They shocked the league by making the conference finals.  Kerr tells of that season and how the Bulls got there, starting in 1984, when they drafted Michael Jackson.  He goes through the coaching changes (Kevin Loughery, Stan Albeck, Doug Collins), the change in ownership, and the moves made to assemble the team.  He tells of the strategy employed by Doug Collins, and the direction the team appears to be going in.

        He also tells his own story, but not until midway through the book.  Kerr was the first coach of the Chicago Bulls.  He was a successful player with the Syracuse Nationals and held the record for most consecutive games played, until Randy Smith broke it in the late 1970s (and they didn't do it the sissy way, like A.C. Green, checking in for 2 minutes, in order to record an appearance).   He tells a lot about his own life off the court.   It's a unique book in that he not only tells of his own life, but tells of the team he announces for.  Not who he coaches or plays for, so he's a lot more honest in his evaluation.  I just wish he'd stop slobbering over Jordan so much.

Introspection:  3
Insight:  4
History:  1950s-1989
Readability:  3

Bull Session.  Johnny Kerr and Terry Pluto.  1989

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