Basketball:  the new champions

By Kent Hannon


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        A good book to catch up on early 70s players.  Not necessarily all were great or even "new champions".  For instance, Johnny Neumann never lived up to his potential.  The book features 3-4 page stories on each of the players on the cover.  (The book is big -- about 9" x 12" ... so 4 pages is more than you might suspect).  It's pretty easy to read.  Normally, I wouldn't think much of it, because it really doesn't stand out -- EXCEPT it's very hard to find any books from this time period.  It's really interesting to read that kind of publicity for the ABA.

Insight:  1
History:  1970-1973
Readability:  4

Basketball:  the new champions.  Kent Hannon.  Platt and Munk.  1973.

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