Rebound:  The Dennis Rodman Story

By Dennis Rodman, Pat Rich, and Alan Steinberg


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         This might surpass you, but this is an ordinary book.  Really.  I don't read Rodman's self-promoting sensationalist garbage.  This book actually covers little of his NBA career.  It covers a little of his growing up and even the troubles he had with the law.  However, after high school, he grows to 6'8", and goes to college at Southeaster Oklahoma State University, and this is the time frame that majority of the book covers.

        Rodman becomes best friends with Byrne Rich, a 13 year old who had killed his best friend in a hunting accident.  He had terrible nightmares as a result.  Their friendship brought out the best in each of them.  The town, Bokchito, Oklahoma, wasn't he most progressive when it came to racial acceptance and the Rich family was ostracized in various ways by town members for accepting Rodman into their family.  Rodman found motivation and discipline and Pat Rich (Byrne's mother) learned to overcome her own prejudices.  Only the last 2 chapters (of 20) cover Rodman's NBA career, and only with Detroit.

Introspection:  5
Insight:  2
History:  1983-1989
Readability:  3

Rebound:  The Dennis Rodman Story.  Dennis Rodman, Pat Rich, and Alan Steinberg.  Crown Publishers, Inc.  1994.    


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