The Game within the Game

By Walt Frazier with Dan Markowitz




 Walt Frazier is one of the all-time great NBA players and is now an announcer for the New York Knicks.  This book talks about the small details that go into championship basketball and individual greatness or the lack thereof, such as teamwork, defense, focus, fundamentals, coaching, trash-talking, motivation, work ethic, money, and endorsements.

He preaches "old school" basketball through and through.  He opens his book acknowledging the superior athleticism of today's players, but then goes on to talk about their lack of fundamentals that hinders their game.  Some may say this is a bitter old man talking about "better days of yore," but the proof, as Frazier points out has been proven in international ball: from the 3rd place finish of U.S. Basketball team at the 2004 Olympics and subsequent 3rd place finish at the 2006 World Championships.  Those teams lost to teams that had no NBA-caliber players, yet beat them with fundamentals and "old school" basketball.

Frazier offers examples from his own life and his Knicks teams to demonstrate his point.  Each chapter is a concise, quick read.  His points are well-explained and well-demonstrated.   

Introspection:  3
Insight:  4
History:  1966-2006
Readability:  5

The Game within the Game.  Walt Frazier with Dan Markowitz.  Hyperion.  2007.


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