Nothing but Net

By Bill Walton with Gene Wojcieckowski


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         Believe it or not, Walton isn't such a dumb guy.  When he has time to think, and doesn't have to improvise, like on TV, he's actually pretty intelligent.  He doesn't say that 0.2 seconds is "a ton of time" or any such nonsense.  This is an autobiography and he is an interesting character.  He tells of growing up in California and how he became interested in basketball.  He tells of the anger he felt at being shafted when he joined a basketball team that traveled to Europe (when he was in high school!).  He also tells of his UCLA years and why he didn't join the Olympic team.  He tells of his hippie years and his love for the Grateful Dead.  He doesn't cover his Portland and San Diego years nearly as much as I hoped he would, but he tells a LOT about his 1985-86 season with the Boston Celtics, and his adoration for Larry Bird.  He also covers the frustrations he went through over his chronic foot injuries.

        It's hard to believe, after listening to him on TV, but Walton had a terrible stuttering problem.  He worked really hard to overcome it after he left professional basketball.  In that sense, I find myself really pulling for the guy, because he overcame so much.  It also makes it more frustrating to listen to the stupid things he says on TV!

        He also gives his insights on various topics, such as why the Fab 5 (Michigan University) is overrated.  He also covers the joy of making the hall of fame.  This book is better than you think.

Introspection:  4
Insight:  3
History:  1972-1993
Readability:  4

Nothing But Net:  Just give me the Ball and get out of my way.  Bill Walton with Gene Wojcieckowski.  Hyperion.  1994. 

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