When the Game was Ours

By Larry Bird and Earvin "Magic" Johnson with Jackie MacMullan




    I am very familiar with the story of the careers of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.  I have read two books by each man.  I have read many stories and seen documentaries about their battles in the 1979 Final Four and the 3 N.B.A. finals series.  So what does this book bring?  Perspective and reflection.  Both players are nearly 20 years past their retirements (in Magic's case, his first of three retirements).  Now that they look back, they  don't pull punches.  They are brutally honest, and that made for a refreshing perspective on the well-known  story.  Some of it was was old news (Bird wanted McHale to work harder).  Some was new (the entire 1992 Olympic Team opposed Isiah Thomas' inclusion).  They also cover their post-playing careers (Magic's business life and Bird's roles as advisor, coach, and general manager).

    The book is a page-turner and hard to put down.  If you don't know their story, this is as good a place as any  to start.  If you do know it, it's worth picking up and learning a few new things.

Introspection: 3 
Insight: 3 
History: 1977-2003
Readability:  5

When the Game was Ours.  Larry Bird and Earvin "Magic" Johnson with Jackie MacMullen.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  2009.

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