Wilt, 1962

By Gary M. Pomerantz



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     When I saw the title and description I thought, "No way a guy can write an entire book about 1 game.  This must be the entire 1962 season."  Wrong.  The author does his research and writes the authoritative book on the game.  He covers the backgrounds of all of the players and coaches involved as well as management, writers, and even fans.  The theme of the book is how the game changed the NBA, as it was symbolic of the changes going on in the game and how it shattered racial barriers and ushered in a new age.

        One of the best, most detailed basketball books ever written.  It cuts through the myth and tells the facts, after analyzing all sides.  I learned things that at first, I thought were incorrect, due to other accounts, but learned that the other accounts were wrong.  Amazing.

Introspection:  N/A
Insight:  4
History:  1962.
Readability:  4

Wilt, 1962.  the Night of 100 Points and the Dawn of a New Era..  Gary M. Pomerantz.  Crown Publishers.  2005.


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