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Yes, it is true, the good guys are winning.  jordon's foolishness is being spread to the end of the world!  In the March 1999 issue, there is a story titled "Nothing But Net: A guide to navigating the Web for everyone from hardcore hoops fanatics to the casual basketball fan."   In it, they say this about this site:

"Even more entertaining is the "Official Exposers of Jordon's (sic) Foolishness Page" (www2.southwind.net/~jowcol/) [note: now it is mjsucks.webprovider.com].  We assume Jordan is misspelled throughout the entire site to deflect any possible litigation.  The Site is dedicated to exposing why "Jordon" is a weenie and not a winner.  the Webmaster (a hardcore Knicks fan it should be pointed out) ranks on everything relating to his airness, from MJ's sometimes selfish play to his restaurant and movies.

For an exhaustive explanation of Jordon's weenieness, read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).  Here Jordan {sic} is accused of everything from hogging the ball to framing Marv Albert; he is even implicated for his top-secret role in the presidential scandal.   In a word, the site is simply hilarious."

Well, I don't rank on his restaurant and the SuperKnicks are not my team, but this is a very well-written article that has advanced the cause of exposing jordon's foolishness farther than I could ever have dreamed!!!

Good work, Basketball Digest!

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