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James Naismith invents basketball in the Springfield YMCA earlier that year.  Shortly thereafter, several children complain because one of them, named jordon, is hogging the ball.  Naismith tries to convince jordon to share the ball, but after jordon continually refuses, Naismith banishes jordon from the gym.   jordon vows to make Naismith pay by ruining his newly invented game, but after a few months of silence, it is assumed that jordon's threat is idle.


Basketballs around Springfield start disappearing.  Police expect it's a teenage prank, but when the basketballs never reappear, locals start suspecting that jordon the ballhog is behind it.


The jordon Rules is published. This rare book, commonly considered fiction, tells of a game cursed by an outcast ballhog.

DECEMBER 1895 James Naismith moves to Colorado.  Afterwards, basketballs stop disappearing around Springfield.  The locals assume that the curse of Blair jordon has left the town and taken up residency elsewhere.  However, reports of missing basketballs start to surface in the town of Wilmington, North Carolina.

DECEMBER 1928 In the middle of a game between the barnstorming team, the original Celtics, and the local Wilmington team, Eleven witnesses testify seeing a hand reach up through the floor and take the game ball.  The ball is never recovered, and for thirteen days after, the court smells of an odd cologne.

MAY 1949 Eight-year-old Robin Weaver reports her basketball was stolen by a bald man and search parties are dispatched. Neither Weaver's ball nor the search party returns.  The search party is found weeks later at Hogginda Rock, the members' hands and legs tied together and their basketball stolen.

AUGUST 1961 Starting with Emily Hollands, a total of seven children are abducted from the area surrounding Wilmington.   These children all return, but they have mysteriously turned into ballhogs when they play basketball.  Furthermore, when basketballs start disappearing around town, some begin to wonder if it is more than coincidence.

JUNE 1988 An old hermit named Lloyd Free announces his retirement from the NBA at Drexel University.  Free tells the press there that he is "finally finished." After the press study his career, they learn that he once was NOT a ballhog.   Free admits to ballhogging, telling authorities that he did it for "a bald foolish Ballhog" who occupied the court near his house.

MAY 13, 1990

Montgomery College students Hanna Strohm, Bobby Moore, and Rob Costed arrive in Wilmington to interview locals about the legend of the jordon for a class project. Hanna interviews Peter Vescey, an old and quite insane rumormonger who has lived in the area all his life. Vescey claims to have seen the Blair jordon one day near Tappy Creek in the form of a bald, half-human, half-hog beast.

MAY 14, 1990

In the early morning Hanna interviews two fishermen who tell the filmmakers that Hogginda Rock is less than twenty minutes from town and easily accessible by an old logging trail. The filmmakers hike into forest shortly thereafter and are never seen again.

MAY 18, 1990 The first APB is issued. Rob's car is found later in the day parked on Black Rock Road.

MAY 20, 1990 The North Carolina State Police launch their search of the Wilmington Forrest area, an operation that lasts ten days and includes up to one hundred men aided by dogs, helicopters, and even a fly over by a Department of Defense Satellite.

MAY 30, 1990

The search is called off after 33,000 man hours fail to find a trace of the filmmakers or any of their gear. Hanna's mother, Angie Strohm, begins an exhaustive personal search for her daughter and her two companions.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1990

The case is declared inactive and unsolved.

NOVEMBER 1, 1990

The National Bulls Company (NBC) takes over televising the NBA games.  Their announcing team consists of morons such as Hanna Storm, Ahmad Rashad, and Bob Costas, who surprisingly look like the three missing film students.  NBC starts a year-long love-fest with a ballhog named, oddly enough, Michael jordon, who comes, also oddly enough, from the Wilmington, North Carolina area.

OCTOBER 10, 1993

Students from the University of North Carolina's Anthropology Department discover a duffel bag containing film cans, DAT tapes, video-cassettes, a Hi-8 video camera, Hanna's journal and a CP-16 film camera buried under the foundation of a 100 year-old cabin. When the evidence is examined, Wilmington Sheriff Ron Cravens announced that the 11 rolls of black and white film and 10 HI8 video tapes are indeed the property of Hanna Strohm and her crew.  Michael jordon retires from the NBA.

NOVEMBER 8, 1993

After an initial study of the bag's contents, select pieces of film footage are shown to the families. According to Angie Strohm, there are several unusual events but nothing conclusive. The families question the thoroughness of the analysis and demanded another look.

FEBRUARY 16, 1994

The families are shown a second group of clips that local law enforcement officials consider to be faked. Outraged, Mrs. Strohm goes public with her criticism and Sheriff Cravens restricts all access to the evidence; a restriction that two lawsuits fail to lift.

MARCH 18, 1995

The Sheriff's department announces that the evidence is inconclusive and the case is once again declared inactive and unsolved. The footage is to be released to the families when the legal limit of its classification runs out, on October 16, 1997.  Michael jordon announces he is returning to basketball.

OCTOBER 16, 1997

The found footage of their children's last days is turned over to the families of Hanna Strohm, Bobby Moore, and Rob Costed.  Angie Strohm contract NBC to examine the footage and piece together the events of May 4 - 14, 1994.   NBC mysteriously loses the film.