Does Jordan's game have any weaknesses?

Answer: Yes.

Jordan was a terrible 3-point shooter.  During his first four seasons, he never shot better than 18.2% from 3-point range.  He flirted with the high 20s/low 30s before he retired, and then the line was moved in.  When the line was moved back out, Jordan's lack of range showed again, as he turned out to be the worst 3-point shooter in the league out of those who shot at least 100 shots.   Weakness?  Certainly.  Wilt Chamberlain and Jordan each had their weakness.  No matter how many times Jordan-supporters deny it, the facts are there.

Furthermore, this page centers on what this false statement is all about: who was the most complete.  Oscar Robertson and Wilt Chamberlain were more complete players.   To say Jordan was more complete is to say that a center who does nothing bad, but nothing dominating is better than Shaquille O'Neal, because O'Neal is a bad free throw shooter, even though O'Neal dominates in every other area.  Compared to Chamberlain, can Jordan's rebounding be considered a strength?   No.  Jordan-supporters counter with, "yeah, but Chamberlain was taller.   Centers are supposed to get rebounds."  To this, I have 2 comebacks:

  1. Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson were better rebounders, as was Fat Lever.  Call Jordan a good rebounder, but why are these guys better?  If you call Jordan a good rebounder, then you have to call Robertson and Chamberlain dominant rebounders.

  2. Guards are supposed to have a lot of assists, so why did Wilt lead the league, and Jordan never did?  This only shows that Wilt was a far more dominating player.

Jordan was not a dominating passer.  Some of his supporters claim he was a better player when he came back from retirement.  If so, why did he only average 4.1 apg during his final three seasons?  Why did his assists never increase from 1992 through his final season?  Why could Oscar Robertson grab more rebounds and throw more assists than Jordan, while averaging 25 ppg for his career (and over 30 ppg through his first eight seasons)?

Wilt was a better rebounder than Jordan.  He was more dominant relative to his position than Jordan was to his.  The same holds true for passing.   Wilt was a more accurate shooter.  I say that Wilt was a far better scorer, as well.  That is why he averaged over 40 and 50 ppg during a season and holds nearly every scoring record there is.  Weakness?  Free throws.  Jordan?   Inferior to Wilt in nearly every area, and a lousy three point shooter.

Weaknesses in Jordan's game?  Yes (three point shooting).   Relative to players like Oscar and Wilt?  Jordan wasn't as complete.