Bird Watching

By Larry Bird and Jackie MacMullan




     This is a follow-up to Bird's book Drive.  It takes up at the end of his playing career and focuses on his post-playing career.  He goes into the Olympic experience and the back pain that ended his career long before his skills had eroded.

        He goes into detail about his figurehead jobs with the Boston Celtics and what ultimately led him to leave and eventually take up the head coaching job with the Indiana Pacers.  Most of the book revolves around his first year coaching: he dispels myths and propaganda about his coaching and his life and h explains how he selected his coaches and his coaching philosophy, and his team.

        The book was just a very enjoyable read.

Introspection:  4
Insight:  5
History:  1991-1999
Readability:  5

Bird Watching: on playing and coaching the game I love.  Larry Bird and Jackie MacMullan. Warner Books, Inc.  1999.


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