The Golden Boys

By Cameron Stauth


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        In a word: Ack!  This is probably the worst basketball book I have ever read.  I wasn't into the Dream Team hype of 1992.  I bought this solely because of the author.  His book The Franchise is one of the finest books I have ever read.  He was on the inside of all the moves in the Piston's organization.  I figured he would have a lot of enlightening things to say about the members of the Dream Team, while he was hanging out with them in the hotel.

        WRONG!  Stauth was never in the hotel.  He wasn't in the locker room, either.  He went to the games and waited outside of the hotel like all the other fans.  The closest insight he had was that he saw Jordan and some of the others eating once.  Whoop De Do.  This book is generic information that you can find just about anywhere.  Read a handful of books about the players, condense it down, and you have this book.  The claim to fame is that he has "Chuck Daley's Wish List" of players from the previous summer.  Yawn.  That's not exactly the secrets of Roswell, NM, ya know.  He says that the memory he will take of Chris Mullin is of Mullin giving his son a bath.  Yeah, because he hardly got to talk to the guy.  Outside of the information pulled from other books, he fills in the rest with unfounded gossip and speculation, such as Jordan supposedly keeping Isiah Thomas off of the team.

        I loaned this book to a friend of mine who reads books in 2 days.  He got halfway through it, and stopped.  He said it was too awful to finish.  He grew tired of the gossip.  Save your money and don't buy this.  If you know somebody that has it, save your time and don't read it.  Go buy "The Franchise" instead, or if you want to know more about the Dream Team, go rent a video on them.

Insight:  1
History:  1992
Readability:  3

The Golden Boys.  Cameron Stauth.  Pocket Books.  1992.


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