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I am most grateful for all of these confirmations that this light tower in the fog of jordon-jocking is handsome and powerful.  This is further proof that the good guys are winning!  Awards are listed in order of when they were received -- newest to oldest.  Unless otherwise stated, click on the award to visit the site.



awardantifan.gif (2854 bytes)  "Congratulations! Your site has been selected for this week's Anti-Fan Award.  Our judges have sifted through countless web pages and have chosen yours as the best in its category. As such, your page will be featured in the special awards section for this week on Hey, tell us how you really feel."


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awardchoice.jpg (11494 bytes)  "I have just visited you website and was very pleased with my visit.I am so happy to see a differance being made on the world wide web and that is why I would like to present my Canadian award to you.  I only give out my award if I was pleased to see someone making a differance on the www as your site certainly has, you certainly deserve it!!"


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"I went to your site and it is super!!!


Be it known to all and proclaimed throughout Cyberland
That the Author of this site has exhibited the exalted and
highly coveted attribute of Enlightenment!  Therefore you
are worthy and deserving of the glorious honor of receiving:

The Enlightenment Award

Take a moment and bask in the warm glow or your own astonishment.
Remember, this Award is not bestowed to your site, but to you!
Celebrate and rejoice in the glory of your accomplishment.
Congratulations, for you have earned it.
Keep up the good work!!"


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awardofficial.gif (7031 bytes)   "Congratulations!  Your site has been selected to receive the BLOOMIN' BANNERS Award of Excellence. Our Awards Evaluation and Selection Committee has visited your pages and have found your site to possess creativity, imagination, effective use of graphics, ease of navigation and useful information. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), the overall rating for your site was 8. Great work!"

awardhs.gif (6163 bytes)  "Congratulations!!! ... This honor allows you the right to place our 5 Star award graphic on your site to show visitors that your site is listed with and praised by the net's #1 source for humor, Humor Search... Congratulations again on Humor Site well done!!!!!  Yours In Laughter, The Team"


awkewl99.jpg (6616 bytes)  "Congratulations, your site has won Alemannia's Kewl Site Award!"


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aw47.gif (2110 bytes)  "Congratulations you have won my award."


awardgpa.jpg (12754 bytes)  "You have won Grandpa's cool site of the day award.  Our staff finished reviewing your site and liked it very much."


awardsocawd03.gif (16709 bytes) "Congratulations!  Your Homepage has been awarded:  The Socrates Award for Homepage Creativity"


awardsword.gif (8815 bytes)  "The World Wide Web can be a tough neighborhood. It is because of websites like yours that make it a worthwhile and welcoming place to visit. Informational, well-designed and family friendly are all qualities that your site possesses, and that make it so deserving of this award."


awardgpage.jpg (12979 bytes)  "Your web site has been rated Extremely Cool for design and content!!"

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