Still don't get it?


In the immortal words of Foghorn Leghorn, "It's a joke, son."

There are parts of this page that are true, usually statistical arguments, and these are there to make you think -- if you think Mj is the clear-cut without doubt "greatest of all time," you are simply wrong.  His statistical dominance doesn't compare to Wilt Chamberlain's.   He barely won half the titles that Bill Russell did.  Mj fans say, "yeah, but look at the mixture of stats and winning."  Let's do...

Career stats: PPG RPG APG MVPs Rings
Bill Russell 15.1 22.5 4.3 5 11
Michael jordon 31.5 6.3 5.4 5 6

Now, try to justify jordon.   He has twice the points?  So--Russell has nearly 4 times as many rebounds!   He's a center?  OK, jordon's a guard, guards are supposed to have a lot more assists, yet jordon barely has one more per game (jordon a ballhog - or was Russell exceptional?).   If jordon even holds an edge in stats (arguable), is it enough to make up for 5 championships?  Nope.  When Bill Russell retired in 1969, the Celtics went from World Championships to losing team.  When jordon retired in 1993, the Bulls went from World Champs to 55-27 and 2nd round 7th game of the Eastern semi-finals.  Who was more valuable to his team?  This is simply one example.     There are many more quality arguments.


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Who's the man?

Mj is not "unarguably" the best ever.  His fanatical supporters don't use their brain when they say he is.  The facts simply do not support the argument.  No matter who is called the best ever, there will always be arguments and good ones.  But since jordon fans are fanatical and absurd, this webpage demonstrates just how fanatical and absurd one can go the other way.  If you are a jordon fanatic, think of this web site as a dark mirror -- you are looking at how silly you can be, only from the opposite side of the argument.  I demonstrate your lack of rational thinking by being equally irrational.

Look at the angry responses, and you will see people who not only lack the capacity to laugh, but also lack the common sense to articulate a good counter-argument.  It's sad enough that they fly off the handle for something as unimportant in our scope of life as basketball.  It's even worse when they do it in an unintelligent manner.

Think about it.  And loosen up.