The j Files


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PART I - Introduction

My name is Judden.  Fox Judden.  I'm a member of the EjF (Exposers of jordon's Foolishness), a division of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

I joined the EjF because many years ago, my older sister was abducted by jordon jockers and when she was finally returned, she had been brainwashed into the jordon collective and became a jordon jocker herself.  I decided to learn the truth behind this supposed innocent "fan support."  I always thought it was odd that people would so vehemently support a player with limited skills, like jordon.  I mean, let's face it -- he can't guard a closed door with a rifle.  He's afraid to mix it up on the defensive glass (but he will go after offensive rebounds, since it means more shot attempts).  His concept of passing is when he's behind the wheel of a car.  He's a lousy 3 points shooter, and besides that, unlike Super Patrick Ewing and Super John Starks, jordon is neither handsome nor powerful.   In light of all of this, why would so many people support him with outrageous claims, like "best ever?"  I had to learn the truth -- if not for myself, then for my sister.

My story really starts 5 years ago, when I came across the j-Files, a collection of posts by a wise man named Sufwatt.   They began to expose the shortcomings of jordon.  I asked Assistant Director Barkley Skinner if I could investigate these more clearly.  He agreed to let me, but the Bureau assigned a partner to me for the purpose of this investigation.  Her name is Dana SuperKnicksFan.  She has a scientific background, as she studied engineering at Polytechnic University. 

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Assistant Director Barkley Skinner


I will tell more as this deep mystery unfolds.  Stay tuned for more.