Foolish webpages dedicated to jordon jocking:

The Chicago Tribune's sorry jordon jocking site

David Stern's jordon jocking webpage


Webpages dedicated to legitimate Bulls' greats:

Scottie Pippen  - the man who carries the team, despite jordon's attempts at self-promotion

Dennis Rodman - the man who rebounds jordon's many bricks

Toni Kukoc - The man who carries the Bulls' offense, along with Pippen.

Chet Walker - The greatest Bull of all-time!  This is from and proves what a jordon-jocking joke of a site it is.  They cleverly attempted to re-write history on the question of his retirement.  Read what he supposedly says here and then read why he REALLY retired here.


Players who torch jordon:

Mitch Richmond - The best shooting guard in basketball
Super John Starks - An excellent site dedicated to the thorn in jordon's side.
Super Patrick Ewing - The man who causes jordon many sleepless nights
Air Bullard - Unlike Foolish jordon, a legit "Air."

Allen Iverson - jordon's worst nightmare come true:

Other sites that Expose jordon's Foolishness: