jordon for dog catcher - 2000

According to some jordon jocker, jordon should run for president.  His foolish page is here.  Well, I think jordon has his sights set too high if he tries this.  Bill Bradley, a SuperKnick and a hall of famer, two things jordon was not and is not, will crush him in an election, just like Super John Starks crushed Foolish jordon and scared him into retirement. 

Therefore, I am offering my services as jordon's campaign manager for a more reasonable office -- Cooke County Dog Catcher.  jordon is VERY qualified to be a dog catcher.  Why?  Let us examine:

With these qualifications, who better to catch dogs than Foolish jordon?  EjF throws its full support behind jordon in this quest.  If you can think of more qualifications, campaign slogans, posters, etc, send them to me, and you'll be credited (unless you specify that you don't want to be).  Let's get jordon elected!!!  (Thanks go to Charles Crader, Jr. for the inspiration behind this idea!)