Are you a jordon jocker?

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If you are not sure what a jordon jocker is or if you qualify as one, take this following quiz.  Click on your answer (in the appropriate circle).  If you try to answer a question twice, you will be alerted and your 2nd answer ignored.  The popup window will alert you as to if your answer was correct or not, as well as your total score up to that point.  Each ANSWER is worth a different amount of points (between 0 and 11), depending upon the level in which you jock jordon.  Only 1 answer is correct, out of the 5, but it is possible to be "more wrong" on one answer than another.  When you have answered all 10 questions, click the button and see your score and see if you are a jordon jocker.  Then, compare your score to the list at the bottom to learn more.

To take the quiz again, you will need to reload this page (or frame). 

1. Out of the following list of 10 players, jordon is better than how many of them? Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, Julius Erving, John Starks, Patrick Ewing, Allen Iverson.

a) All of them
b) At least 8 of them
c) At least 5 of them
d) At least 3 of them
e) None of them.

2. Where does jordon rank on the list of the top 50 players of all-time?

a) #1
b) Top 5
c) Top 10
d) Between #11-50
e) jordon did not deserve to be named to the top 50.

3. If jordon played back in Wilt Chamberlain's era, how many points per game would he average?

a) More than Wilt's record-setting 50.4 PPG.
b) Less than Wilt, but more than everybody else.
c) No more and no less than he would today
d) Less than 10 PPG.
e) 0 PPG, because he would be cut from the league.


4. Out of jordon's 5 Most Valuable Player awards, he has received, how many of them did he deserve?

a) He deserved each one and more!!!
b) He deserved all 5 of them.
c) He deserved 2 of them.
d) He deserved none of them because guys like Magic, Hakeem, and Barkley are better.
e) He deserved none of them because he's not even the Most Valuable player on the Bulls!


5. Out of the following list of 10 all-time Bulls, jordon is better than how many of them: Chet Walker, Dennis Rodman, Artis Gilmore, Norm Van Lier, Jerry Sloan, Scottie Pippen, Bob Love, Bob Boozer, Orlando Woolridge, and Horace Grant?

a) All of them
b) At least 8 of them
c) At least 5 of them
d) At least 3 of them
e) None of them.

6. What do you think about jordon's large number of shot attempts?

a) It is ok, because he makes over half of his shots.
b) It is ok, because he scores a lot of points and most of the other Bulls cannot score.
c) I wish he were more interested in winning than in his scoring titles.
d) He should be 2nd option on the offense, behind Pippen.
e) He is a foolish ballhog who can't do anything else but gun and his ballhogging is detrimental to the team.

7. What is your assessment of jordon's defense?

a) He is better than Bill Russell.
b) He isn't better than Russell, but he's better than Walt Frazier and all other guards.
c) He is in a class with Frazier, Michael Cooper, Joe Dumars, and Sidney Moncrief.
d) He's not even the best defensive guard on the Bulls.
e) He couldn't guard a closed door with a rifle.  I have cardboard cutouts that play better defense!

8. What is your assessment of jordon's passing?

a) He is one of the greatest passers at Shooting Guard, ever!
b) He truly makes those around him better.
c) He could stand to pass more...his assists have declined every year, since 1993.
d) jordon thinks "pass" is something you do in the left lane on the freeway.
e) jordon knows what the word pass means:  "Hey Kerr!!! PASS me the !*&@%!! ball!" 

nod.jpg (23321 bytes)

9. Which Bull is NOT playing defense in this picture?

a) None. They are all playing defense because they are following jordon's lead!
b) None. They are all playing defense.
c) jordon and Toni Kukoc (white guy) are not playing defense.
d) jordon is not playing defense.
e) jordon is not playing defense.  So what else is new?

10. How much of jordon's 1997-98 contract (1 year/ $35M) do you believe he earned?

a) He was underpaid!
b) Every penny!
c) About 2/3 of it.
d) About $2M -- less than Pippen.
e) He should be arrested for embezzlement!


0 points -- you are good and wise.  People come from miles around to seek your wisdom.   If you are not a member of EjF,  e-mail me.  You are an honorary member.

1-10 points -- you are wiser than most.  After studying this homepage, take the quiz again, and you should improve on those areas that you struggle with.  You should inquire about joining EjFs

11-30 points -- Pat yourself on the back.  The fact that you kept this much wisdom, in spite of Stern and jordon and Nike's attempts to brainwash you, is something to brag about.

31-49 points -- You have some work to do.  More training.  But there is hope for you. Remember, jordon jocking leads to the dark side of the Force.

50-60 points -- There is an 80% chance that the brain damage may be permanent.  Write Dr. Judden and perhaps he can prescribe a cure.

61-70 points -- You are angry because jordon didn't receive an Oscar for "Space Jam."  Sad.

71-90 points -- You are a jordon-jocking cockroach.  You run to the wall when the lights are turned on.  You will probably write me and tell me what an "idiot" I am.

91-108 points --  You are currently wearing your jordon jammies and getting ready to go to bed under your "Space Jam" quilt. Your "diet" consists of Ballpark Franks and Gatorade. You wear jordon cologne because you think it turns on the chicks.  If you could be anybody in the world, it would not be jordon, because you feel unworthy.  However, you DO wish you were Juanita jordon.

109 points -- Your name is Ahmad Rashad.

110 points -- you are pregnant with jordon's child.