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It's that time of the year...time to give your sweetie some roses, chocolates and valentines.  This year, help her mind as well as her heart by giving her valentines that also expose jordon's foolishness!   If you have any valentine ideas, please email me.

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Valentine ideas by Judden, Jan E. Pie, and Leroy

Picture #1

Message: May your Valentine's Day be like Super Patrick Ewing: Simply Perfect!

Picture #2

Message: I love you almost as much as I love hogging the ball!

Picture #3

Message: How is Valentine's Day different than jordon at the buzzer? 

A: The flowers don't stink and the candy won't make you choke!

Picture #4

Message: I miss you like I miss 3 point shots

Picture #5

Message: Just like Larry Legend in the 1986 and 1987 playoffs, you sweep me off my feet

Picture #6

Message: If you dump me, I'll be passing away a big opportunity -- and you know how I hate passing!

Picture #7

Message: I need you like I need a jordon-jocking referee!

Picture #8

Message: Please!! Don't reject my love!

Picture #9

Message: If there were any more Magic in our lives, we'd get beat!  Just like in the first game of the 1991 Finals!

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