jordon: "Lose one for the Gipper"

Michael jordon comes in to save the Wizards and what happens?


jordon makes his home debut, along with President Clinton, and an announced crowd of 11,358 -- third-lowest of the season -- watched the Wizards lose 104-86 to the Dallas Mavericks. 18 points? Shawn Bradley had 20 points - a season high. The same chump who had only broke double figures once in the previous 11 games (without Mitch Richmond playing, the Wizards didn't have anyone strong enough to body slam Bradley).

The best part was, that jordon gave them a rah-rah pre-game speech.

Hey, way to go jordon! What did he say? "Win one for the Gimp-er?"
How about "Win one for the Pippen?"

Yeah, jordon sure will fire those Wizards up!

"All right guys! Go out there and let them kick your @ss, just like they used to do to me!!!"

Rod Strickland evidently took the message to heart. He followed the example of jordon, who routinely had double-digit brick games of his own, by missing 10 of 12 shots.

After the game, Wizards minority owner, Ted Leonsis said, "After tonight's performance, I'd say our guys have no place to go but up," 

Note, this means that they hit rock bottom. They couldn't hit rock bottom until AFTER they signed on jordon. Once again, we see that jordon has a negative effect on the team.