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To email me, click on the completely unoriginal animated graphic below.  However, you will need to remove the word "SPAM" from the e-mail address.

IMPORTANT!!!!  I receive a TON of Spam (about 30 per day).  I go through and delete it quickly without reading it.  If it looks like Spam, I delete it.  Therefore, in your Subject line, PLEASE do not leave it blank, or type "hi", or "nice site", and certainly do not type "would you like to lose weight fast?" or "would you like to make money at home?"  I delete ALL of these subjects.  Write a subject line that is very specific, so I will not think it is Spam.  If you don't know what to put for a subject line then put "The Rock says", and that will catch my eye.  Thanks.

Oh, and speaking of e-mail, if you forward on e-mails, please click here and read this!


E-mail me


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