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The Big Dipper

A Tribute To Wilt Chamberlain

The most exhaustive page on the internet dedicated to the most dominating player in NBA history.

This is my tribute to the basketball legend, Wilt Chamberlain.  This was my second website.  I made this nearly a year and half before he died (and even got an e-mail from him thanking me for it!).  After he died, I overhauled it.  It was featured on Yahoo on the news story about his death.  That got this site a BUNCH of hits (1000 before he died, 50,000 during 3 months after he died).  This is the only site I have that features a guest book.  And no, I don't ask that you sign it.  It is for those who wanted to share a Wilt thought or story. 


"Those who Love the Game" by Doc Rivers

Air Judden's  Basketball Book Library

Reviews of books from my 100+ book collection.





The Case for Bill Russell

The argument for why Bill Russell is the greatest player in NBA history.



Those Who Deserve the Hall of Fame

Read about those who have been shafted and why they deserve to be inducted.




The Exposers of jordon's  Foolishness

My controversial, award-winning site that exposes the clay feet of the tin god Michael jordon.

This is my pride and joy section.  It was my first attempt at web page design -- ahhh!  The good old days.  This section is also the one that I have dedicated by FAR the most time to.  It contains the Java Applets and Java script that I have learned.  It contains interactive sections as well, and most of my graphics work. 

It is part truth with a humorous twist.  I grow tired of the hype of the media, saying he is "without a doubt the best ever", instead of, saying that he is "one of the best ever."  Because of the unfounded hype, I created a webpage using hype in the other extreme, in order to demonstrate the absurdity of the press.  Therefore, the theme of the site is "Michael jordon is a foolish ballhog.  His teammates won in spite of him.  Not only is he the most overrated basketball player in history, and an out-of-control megalomaniac.  However, he happens to be one of the greatest cooks in the world, so this proves that I am unbiased."  If you just don't "get it", then go to the "Political agenda" section and read how he masterminded the Clinton-Lewinski scandal.  One of the funniest parts is how people take it so seriously, so for added humorous benefit, I print the hate mail and the praise mail.  It is just priceless how some people just don't "get it."  (and how many tell me, "You can't spell his name right!")

I don't update this site very much anymore.  Making fun of him in his current job as part-owner of the Washington Wizards is just too easy.  There is no challenge.  It's like shooting fish in a barrel.  I may remove the frames someday, but for now, I can't think of an easier way to navigate the 75+ html document related to it.



Not the best!

Why Jordan is NOT the greatest

The sister page to the Exposers of jordon's Foolishness page.  Stripped down, just-the-facts site that shows why Michael Jordan is not the greatest basketball player ever.

This is a bare-bones, all-facts/no humor site.  My Exposers of jordon's Foolishness Site was a lot of fun, but some people thought that because of the humor, that it completely lacked in factual information (due to the obviously absurd parts).  As a result, I created this alternate, smaller site to prove what I said before: Jordan is good, but you cannot say with certainty that he is without a doubt, the greatest ever.  

You don't hear any baseball or football player called the best ever.  Why basketball?  Because basketball has degenerated from a serious sport into an entertainment business, and Jordan, while he was a great player, was an even better entertainer.  Greatest entertainer?  Ok.  Greatest basketball player?  No.  The two should not be combined. 

I don't care if you think Michael Jordan is the 2nd greatest player of all-time.  I don't care if you think that Wilt Chamberlain is not the greatest player ever.  I don't care if think he is better than Chamberlain and somebody else is better than both of them.  This site has only one purpose: to show that no matter what criteria is used, Michael Jordan is not the greatest player ever.  He maybe #2, #20, or #2000, but he is not #1.  

If you think he is in your opinion, that is fine, but I simply ask that you first define your criteria for judging players, and then I will show that your very own criteria does not support the conclusion that Jordan is #1.  When people call him the best ever, it becomes obvious that they don't understand ever, because they lack knowledge of basketball history.

This is not some "I hate Jordan" page.  He makes my all-time all-NBA team.  I am simply sick of the media worshipping him and holding him to a lesser standard than others are held to.  When you even the playing field, you see that he is not the best.



Ain't he handsome, though?

The Nation of Spoon

The Cybertemple dedicated to the Living legend and the 20th Century's most significant being - Clarence Weatherspoon.  Fan or fanatic?  You be the judge.


Air Judden's Homepage