The Jerries - the heroes of Chicago


"Organizations win championships"


The Selfless good guys

Jerry Reinsdorf

Jerry Krause



The ingrates

Michael "The finger pointer" Jordan

Scottie "Show me the money" Pippen

Phil "legend in his own mind" Jackson


Welcome to the page of truth concerning the Chicago Bulls.  When this page is completed, you will learn how Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Krause shared a dream: to bring a championship to the good people of Chicago whom they both loved dearly.  They selflessly poured their hard work, sweat, and blood to achieve this goal.

After this goal was achieved, you will learn of the shared treachery from the self-centered primma-donnas Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Phil Jackson.  They patted each other on the back, attempted to hog the glory for themselves, and turned the gullible press against the true heroes that were responsible for the six championships.

Check back, because I will do steady work on this page.


Michael "The finger pointer" Jordan

Scottie "Show me more money" Pippen

Phil "legend in his own mind" Jackson

Jerry "I’ll lose money to bring Chicago a champion" Reinsdorf

Jerry "All work, no glory" Krause

Organizations win championships

Jordan: becoming Krause without a brain

Phil the Phool: still a baby

Pippen: always the bridesmaid…


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