Who is better than Jordan?


If you think Michael Jordan is the best player ever, before you continue reading, quickly determine why you think he is the best ever.  Championships?  Points?  Records?  Multiple criteria?   Whatever they are, quickly define them.  I will now dismantle the myth that Jordan is the best ever using YOUR criteria.  Remember, the purpose isn't to determine that player X is the best ever...only that Jordan is NOT the best.

Some Jordan fans whine that I have to use a whole lot of players to prove that Jordan is not the best.  This is not true.  Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Bill Russell all have a claim to being the best player ever.  A good argument can be made for each and every one of them - depending on your criteria.  However, Michael Jordan is NOT the best player ever, unless your criteria is endorsements and popularity - and if that is the case, then please leave, as I am only interested in discussing basketball with educated people and not fan boys.


What is your criteria for determining that Michael Jordan is the best ever?

He was the king of the post-season, as you can see by his 6 championships

The combination of MVPs (5) and Championships (6)

He has the most honors: 5 MVPs, 6 rings, 6 playoff MVPs, 1 defensive player of the year award, and he was named to the first-team all-defensive team 9 times.

He was the most dominating all-around player

He was the most complete player

He was the best player inch-for-inch

All of the above reasons - Jordan simply had the best combination of everything.