The Case for Bill Russell - the greatest basketball player of all-time


Wilt Chamberlain is my favorite player of all-time.  I created the biggest Wilt fan website on the web.  I have argued for over 20 years that he was the greatest player in NBA history.  Recently, I have studied the career of Bill Russell in depth and I have to begrudgingly admit that one player (and only one) is greater, and that is William Felton Russell.

Likewise, my 2nd favorite player in history is Julius Erving.  The good Doctor was my man growing up and he's the reason that I am a Sixers fan to this day.  However, I could not go through the 80s saying (with a sound mind) that he was better than Larry Bird, even though I despised the Celtics and Bird above all.  Likewise, it hurts to admit, but Wilt's greatest antagonist was the best to ever step on the basketball court.

With this website, I will explain why Russell is the greatest and why I would change my mind.  I will answer these questions through a series of questions:


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