jordon on Martha Stewart...the real details.

Date: 1996/12/10

I saw a copy of the original footage. It went something like this:

jordon and Martha are cooking a pot of  "championship stew."

Martha:  First we need a lot of water to water down the ingredients of our pot.  (she starts to put the water in the pot).

jordon:  No! No!  Let me put it in (and he knocks her over grabbing the water to put in the pot.)

Martha:  Now we add some onions, for that smelly jordon jocking effect.

jordon:  Let me put them in!!!  (and he shoots the onion at the pot and it hits the outer edge and bounces back.  jordon shoots again completely misses the pot.  jordon shoots again and misses and again and misses...then he grabs it and dunks it in, causing water to splash everywhere!!)

Martha:  jordon you fool!  Now the league, I mean pot, isn't watered down enough.  We must add more water.  How about getting a couple of bottles of Clearly Canadian water out of the Fridge?

jordon:  Hey, these 2 bottles are made in Toronto and Vancouver!    (He pours the bottles in.)

Martha:  There you have it.  Championship stew.  The best stew ever!  The greatest stew of all time!  Far better than any other stew ever made!  I can't help it that there is no one else here with another pot of stew to compete with mine.  Championship stew is simply the greatest stew ever made!!!

jordon:  It’s a good thing.

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