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To view some of these less-than-distinguished "gentlemen" in poll #1 click here.


Foolish jordon poll  #1

Who is the biggest jordon jocker?

Commissioner David Stern
Ahmad Rashad
Bill Walton
Isiah Thomas
Bob Costas
Bob Greene

Poll added August 18, 1998.


This next question is a doozy!   Think very hard, and analyze carefully before answering!  I know the obvious answer is "all of the above," but I wanted to see why you think jordon is foolish. 

Foolish jordon poll #2

Which skill is jordon the worst at?

Shooting (general)
3 point shooting
Clutch shooting

Poll added August 20, 1998.


The next poll relates to jordon's defense, or lack of it.  Thanks and propers go out to Elliot for the idea.

Foolish jordon poll #3

Who was the best at faking out jordon?

Allen Iverson
Super John Starks
Magic Johnson
Reggie Miller
Gheorghe Muresan

Poll added February 8, 1999