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These are words from people who jock jordon and cannot handle the truth. Flaunting their ignorance such as they do, only shows how gullible some people are to the media hype. Sometimes, the state of the gene pool scares me.  Observe:

From: Michael Benbow (

3 seconds in your page and anyone can tell you are a complete moron..

For starters, Jordan is spelt with a A, not an O. Learn to spell his name before you submit your lame false material, and dont waste our time, peckerhead...

It is not jArdon, you idiot. It is not spelled with an 'A'; it is spelled with an 'O': jordon. 3 seconds, eh? I guess what they say about the modern couch potato and his attention span IS true! This is the target audience for the National Bulls Company. No surprise.


From: Christos Skintges <>

You are obviously the biggest ignorant dumb *** I have ever seen in my life. You obviously don't know **** about the sport of basketball. Your argument that Jordan is worth only two wins is stupid.

No, what is stupid is a jordon jocker who can't subtract 55 from 57 and figure out that jordon's retirement resulted in a 2 game slip for the Bulls.

The year before he retired the Bulls won the championship, which means they won 15 more games in the playoffs.

Oops.   Those math difficulties are getting the best of you again.  15 - 6 = 9.   Perhaps you should kick off your shoes and double-check your math.  Perhaps you meant that PIPPEN is worth 15 wins, since the Pippenless Bulls of 1986 and 1987 were 0-3 each year in the playoffs.

Your agrument that Pipen is the reason for the Bulls sucess is also retarded.

Hmmm.   Pippen has a better career playoff record and regular season record.  The Bulls had more success without jordon they did Pippen, even though jordon had a better supporting cast.  Yeah, that's retarded all right...and 15 - 6 = 15, right?

Last time I checked Scottie Pipen has never won a championship without Micheal Jordan.

And jordon is 2-9 in the playoffs without Pippen.  What do you think is better: 6-4 or 2-9?

Nice power points equation. What ever happened to points scored.

I see you cannot read, as well.  This is answered in the very FAQ that Power Points came from.   As a matter of fact, it is mentioned immediately after Power Points.

For someone who is a ball hog Jordan has notched 28 career triple doubles.

Yawn.   Oscar Robertson AVERAGED a triple double for his first 384 games!  Most of jordon's triple-doubles came when Doug Collins put jordon at the point and tried to make a complete player out of him (jordon started with 11 in his first 13 games).  jordon fired him for not letting him hog the ball.

He has the record with 17 field goals in a game.

Ahhhh.   The jordon jocker cannot read, perform subtraction, and can't grasp history.   Foolish jordon jocker!  Wilt Chamberlain has the record with 36 field goals in a game.

He also has a 50.4 field goal percentage.

Wilt has 54%.

Jordan led the leage in steal five times, hows that for an overated defensive player.

He overplays the steal, because a steal results in a shot attempt for the ballhog.   Steals make not a defender, jordon jocker.  Dennis Rodman won 2 consecutive defensive player of the year awards while averaging 0.7 steals per game.

Just because you are so bitter that the Bulls have for ever kicked the Knicks *ss, don't take your anger out on the best player ever to play the game of basketball.

I don't have a beef with Wilt.




you are a genius, this is the most insightful and informed page i've seen since my last trip to the knights in white hoods page.

Figures that a jordon jocker would go there.

you must be the lonliest human on the planet to have actually took the time and money for this pathetic piece of **** your pawning off as informative, please kill yourself, it will make the world a better place, bye.

Sounds like you've spent too much time at the knights in white hoods page.  Perhaps it is you who is too lonely.



From: doublej$ <>

Are you a doo doo stomper?

No, but Super John Starks is, and jordon is the doo doo.

I think that you are. Are you a fat, ugly computer dork? I think that you are. Does your favorite bball team always get their **** kicked by the Bulls? I think they do.

No.   jordon is the doo doo, remember?  He gets kicked.

Should John Starks be bagging groceries like before? I think he should.

It would be harder than bagging jordon, who should be in masonry, since he lays bricks so well.

Should Patrick Ewing be released from captivity and be put back into the wild? I think that he should. Will Patrick Ewing ever win a title? I don't think he will.

Ah, trust a jordon jocking simpleton to use racial slurs.  Have you met kthanna, the previous roach?  kthanna could recommend a site that you'd probably dig.



From: Metrixon <>

You don't like Jordan that's obvious, but you call yourself "Air" Judden.....

So?   If I shoot an "Air" ball, does that mean I copied from jordon?   Oops, scratch that.

But why are you putting up harrassing webpages and fill up the newsgroups with your weird and crazy thoughts. I think you are just angry because Jordan is a winner on every perspective and you are NOT. 

How would you know?  Your only perspective is 2 inches from his buttox.

You can't stand the fact that MJ is admired by so many people and now you try to destroy his reputation as a basketball player.

That is where you're wrong.  Why do I support his cooking prowess?  I admire Chef jordon!

I don't know who ever asked for your opinion but since you abused the Jordan newsgroup(s) to spread your psychological problems, I think we all know your opinion.

Dumb roach.   It is the BULLS newsgroup.  Perhaps if you changed your perspective, you would realize that the Bulls were 12 players, not one (and if you disagree, why is jordon's pre-Pippen playoff record 1-9?)

You are very sick, so please do me a favor and blast your head off.

Typical intellectual exchange from a jordon jocker.




Hey man ..... .so you he can kick your *ss in basketball you piece of **** .................also i am going to write the internet company and tell them to erase your site cuz it is foolinshness and *** *** [Note: pretty sad when they misspell curse should have seen this one.  If this weren't a family page, I wouldn't have edited it out!] stuipd and retared you selfish to kid.

Perhaps if your writing skills exceeded that of a first grader, then they would be able to understand what you are telling them.



From: Michael Ludwig <>

you know what boyz. thats all a bunch of BULL****. i figured you would have something better to do than dis the best basketball player every to play the game.

So who is dissing Wilt?

Your friggin evidence is borderline retarded and is obviously the work of an experienced douchebag. get a ****** life and maybe learn something about basketball before you even think of talking about it. get the **** off the internet before you embarass yourself further. dig yourself out of the hole you been living in.

Are you a classmate of the previous writer?




Hey dude,
I just visited your webpage and I gotta say.................. what a worthless piece of **** you are............get a grip you freakin loser!

Ever wonder why I say that jordon jockers share the same brain?  It CAN'T be a coincidence that 3 roaches all share the same first grade writing style!



From:  "Glen" <>

You must be 10 years old or something..............

No.   If I were, I'd write like one of you jordon jockers.



From: Marc V. Marini <>

I'm amazed that there are people out there like you who have so much free time that they feel the need to spread their idiotic views around on news groups and web pages. I'd like to know where it is that you got all of your training and knowledge of the game of basketball to feel qualified to rip apart Michael Jordan. Everyone who knows anything about the game of basketball and the NBA (players, coached, announcers, etc.) declare Jordan the undisputed best basketball player ever. I can't imagine how you, or any other Jordan basher, would know more than those who have spent their lives studying, playing, or coaching the game.

Obviously not, jordon jocker.  The entire section title "Exposers of jordon's foolishness" disagrees with you.  Teammates, coaches, legends, etc. all take turns exposing jordon's foolishness.

Your jealousy is obvious. Though you may be a fan of a different NBA team, and I can understand why you would be looking forward to a team other than the Bulls winning in the NBA, trying take down Jordan's greatness is just not a smart thing to do.

jocking jordon is not a smart thing to do, as you and your ilk have proven on this page.



From: Mary Kunst <>

Well, Jordon may suck, but not Michael Jordan. Only an idiot (or someone dying for attention), would put together such a stupid page. What a waste of time.

Not nearly as much of a waste of time as reading what you don't believe and then craving attention so much that you'd write a letter, just to make the roach motel, so you can claim to be "listed on the internet."



From: Luis Javier Montero <>

I don't really care who you are, but I do believe that you must have been mistreated a lot in your early childhood, and as a result, your thinking has been morphed by your attempt to deal with life as it is.
WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!? Iverson over JORDAN???

Yes.   You must have not realized that the video clip on the intro page was Iverson torching Foolish jordon.  The only person who was mistreated was jordon -- by Iverson.

Man, you must be one of those rich kid preppy wannabe basketball scholars who gets his parents to buy him all the NBS clothing there is, and has to support "The answer" because he has a cool hair weave.

Ah, jealous because Answer still has hair?  Keep jocking your tin god, Capt. Picard.

Grow up, and think a little. It doesn't hurt.

Like you, who failed to make a single point in defending jordon, but rather, blasted Iverson, because his hair fills you with jealousy?



From: Paul Yates <>

Get a life mate. He's retired now so you can go obsess about another superstar. Its a ******** game, don't take it so seriously.

Son, one of us needs to loosen up, and he lives in Australia.



From:   jseagers <>

I think it's you who sucks...on the crack pipe. Superpowerful John Starks and Patrick Ewing, eh? Crack is a superpowerful drug, it seems.  I feel sorry for you...

It appears that your staring at jordon's crack has placed you in a drug-like trance.  Perhaps your letter can be used in a commercial: This is your brain jocking jordon.




you need to get a life. first of all, let's see your fat geeky ass name one player who did even half as many good things as the jordanesque.

Half?   O.K. Pete Myers.  Ooops, he did more than half.  That is why when jordon retired, rather than slipping from 57 to 29 (half of what jordon did), they only slipped 2 games.  That means that Myers, a castoff that the Bulls picked up from the CBA did 96% of what jordon did.

and another thing, your animated gif's suck,

Kind of figured you'd say that, since they are video clips of jordon exposing his foolishness.   Perhaps, if he could play some defense, the Iverson and Starks clips wouldn't be there at all.

and your web page sucks even more, get a life and grow up you stupid *****.

You mean like you, who has nothing better to do than to surf the page that you hate and then write email complaining about it?  Got it!



From: Eric Walter <

Hey man. I came across you page today. You spelled Jordan wrong.

No, I spelled jordon correctly.

You knew that though. I would have to say that I'm an anti Jordan. I'm sick and tired of watching the Bulls year after year win the title.  I'm sick of watching Jordan score 30 to 40 points a game. I love it when he shoots 4 for 24. I love seeing the Bulls lose.  It is nice to see that someone has the guts to come out and make a page against the supposed god of basketball. But you are a ******* idiot. I much as I don't like to believe it Jordan is the greatest player that has ever lived.

Ah, a love-hate relationship with jordon.  What's the matter, did jordon sign some other jordon-jocker's paper, instead of yours, so now you "hate" your tin god?

Jordan doesn't really ball hog either. He is a great team player. He might take to many shoots in big games but it is because he should.

jordon has led the league in bricks in all but one season that he qualified for in this decade.   He is hogging the ball a lot more than in big games, and as for those supposed big games, how is he "supposed" to hog it, in say, game 6 of the 1998 finals, when he shoots 42% and his teammates shot a collective 59%?

Jordan is also probably the best defensive player to play the game too.

That is why Allen Iverson, Magic Johnson, Reggie Miller, Damon Stoudamire, and Pooh Richardson all took turns burning jordon.

Wilt is not.

Bill Russell was.

He played in an era of no big men. He didn't go against anyone close to his size. There might have been guys as tall

Now, you are contradicting yourself.  Perhaps you should learn who Swede Halbrook, Nate Thurmond, Walt Bellamy, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were.

but they just couldn't move like they can now.

Oh, like Gheorghe Muresan, Shawn Bradley, Manute Bol, Bryant Reeves, Mark Eaton, Randy Breuer, Luc Longley, and Greg Ostertag?

Oh, perhaps you meant Alonzo Mourning, who is the same size as Willis Reed and Bill Russell?  You're right, Russell couldn't move like Mourning -- he moved FASTER, which is why Russell ran the hurdles in college. 

Wilt was a good player BACK THEN but as much as you would like to believe it he would get killed in todays game.   Just watch old tapes.  How can't you see that?

Perhaps YOU need to watch old tapes, such as "Story of a game", where you see Wilt lead a fast break, and then pass the ball behind his back to the wingman.  Haven't seen Muresan pulling that one off!  You can also see Wilt reining in 18 foot jump shots.   D'OH!

I guarentee I know more about basketball then you do so don't even try to agrue.

One of us here has shown a complete lack of knowledge about the history of the game, and that would be you.  One of us has made a webpage about Wilt (see Links), and that would be me.



From:   jason williams <>

I saw your site on why Jordan is the game's worst player, and I thought maybe you could take a little quiz I just thought up

1.Who led all guards in rebounding the past 3 years?

Who led all guards in bricks in 1987, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 96, 97, and 98?

2. Who led the league in steals in '88, '90, '93?

Who finished 2nd in steals in 1992? (Hint: he has the consecutive free throw record). Is he a great defender?

3. Who is the Bulls all time assist leader?

Who is has the LEAST APG as a Bull: jordon, Norm VanLier, Reggie Theus, or Guy Rogers?

4. Who led all guards in blocks in '87 and '88?

Who led all guards in bricks in 87 and 88?

5. Who had the first triple double in all star game history?

Who has the only triple 20 in history (hint: not jordon)

6. Who led the league in points per minute last year (hint he is 7'2 321 lbs and plays in LA)

Which player scored the most points through 930 games (jordon's career number)? Hint: Same answer as my previous question.

7. WHo is the Bulls all time leader in steals?

Who is the Bulls all time leader in bricks and turnovers?

8. Who has been selected to the NBA All Defensive first team the most?(hint: nine times)

How many all-defensive teams did Bill Russell qualify for? (Hint: It was created in 1969).



From: Venkatesh Padmanabhan <>

Just goes to show you, how many morons exist in this world. Go watch the last 41 secs of game 6 of the 98 Finals and then reply.

How about the last 41 seconds of game 5?  If not for jordon the ballhogging, airball, chokemaster, there wouldn't have BEEN a game 6!  Well, he did show a lot in the last 41 seconds of game 6.  He showed that he could play a zone on the Mailman and not get called for it by the jordon-jocking refs.  Then he proved that he can hit a shot after he throws Bryon Russell to the ground, once again, without being called by the jordon-jocking refs.



From:  Bradley Morris <>

You killed yourself when you said that Jordan (not "jordon", please get it right next time. I don't care if you spelled it wrong intentionally or not. ) was only worth 2 wins for the Bulls. It's true, the Bulls were virtually the same team without him, but the fact that they didn't lose more when he was there and took almost 1/3 of their shots completely proves he was the greatest player to ever play for the Bulls.

That's some twisted lojik. Magic retires and the Lakers go from conf. champs to 8th playoff seed. Larry Legend has foot surgery and McHale, Parish, Ainge, DJ, and Lewis can't win half their games without him. jordon retires and the Bulls don't miss a beat.

REEEEEEAL valuable.

You also say that Jordan doesn't pass. I'm not going to argue that. I know he doesn't pass. He's a man who get's things done himself. I'm also not going to argue the fact that he got a heck of a lot of calls his way last year. More then he should have. But are you trying to tell me that guys like Wilt Chamberlain didn't got a lot of calls?

Nope. Refs let opponents beat him up in order to try and neutralize his advantage.  All documented on my Wilt page (see links).

Come to think of it, Chamberlain was no passing god himself, nor any other history-high scorer.

Typical jordon-jocking stupidity!  When you don't know anything, make it up!  Wilt led the league in assists in 1967-68. The only center in history to do so.  Oscar Robertson averaged over 30 ppg and 11 apg in 1962. He averaged a triple double over the span of his first 5 seaons, at nearly 30 ppg.

I'd also like to add that if you know anything about what you're talking about, then you'd know as well as I do that the league that Chamberlain played in was not near the calibre of the league Jordan plays in. Chamberlain would not have the glory he did if he played in the 90's. I'm not saying that Jordan would have averaged 64 points if he played when Chamberlain played, but I am saying if Chamberlain played in Jordan's league, there is no way he would have averaged as many points as Jordan does.

Shaq does...they went to the last game of this year -- and Wilt was stronger, more athletic, faster, a better jumper than jordon and Shaq, and had better fundamentals, and far more range and offensive moves.

In Wilt's day, it was far more difficult. Get a clue dork. Go play a game in a pair of Chuck Taylor's and then consider that Wilt missed 6 minutes for the ENTIRE 1962 season, when the pace of the game was the fastest that it has ever been.

Sheesh. Get a clue.

A good way to measure the value of a player is to put him on a team with virtually no one to support him and see how he does.

Wilt took the losing Warriors team to the conference finals in 1 season. Then, without Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, and Keith Erikson, he took the Lakers to the conference finals. He was traded to the .500 Sixers in 1965 and took them to the 7th game of the conference finals.

jordon? In the 3 seasons before Pippen:

3 losing seasons.
1-9 playoff record.

And jordon had the league's #2 rebounder, a 20 ppg scorer, and a top-50 of all-time player for teamates!

Pippen joins and the Bulls go from 40-42 to 50-32 and advance to the 2nd round.   jordon retires and the Bulls don't miss him. Pippen is the man. jordon is a scab.

as to why Jordan is not a great player, you can continue calling me an Idiot who had to email you with some lame arguement. But that's ok.  I've fueled your fire. I DARE you to argue back saying "he sucks" and "he can't pass.", and trying to use rumors about his personal life to degrade him. How pathetic. Your arguments left you susceptable to being squashed, and I just absolutely squashed you. Do something about it.

I proved that jordon is no great, esp. when you compare him to Wilt and Pippen.  jordon isn't valuable to the Bulls. jordon is simply a ballhog who shoots a lot.  His shooting doesn't help the team. They did just fine without him. You love ppg stats b/c you are the typical brainless 90's "Inside Stuff" fan. You even proved to have an ignorant view of basketball history.

Of course, all of my arguments are listed in the FAQ, but I see you were too clueless to read it.




You're (I think) a NY fan?

    I think you are a misguided cockroach. My team is not the SuperKnicks.

Well you're probably frustrated because NY always lost against Chicago when MJ played.

    Mj had as much to do with those losses as Will Perdue, no, scratch that, even less. When Mj quit, the Bulls beat the SuperKnicks in 3 games of the 7. They were the better team in  4 of them, but Hue Hollins decided to give the SuperKnicks the   series. If Mj were so great, I would think replacing him with a CBA scrub (Myers) would be detrimental. The SuperKnicks were certainly better in 1994 than they were in 1993. They had time to gel and they also had Super Derek Harper. So the Knicks were better, the Bulls SHOULD have been seriously hurting, but instead, the Bulls outplayed the SuperKnicks.

    That little fact, along with the Bulls' only slipping 2 games when jordon  retired, are part of the many conundrums you roaches cannot answer.

MJ best games were in MSG.

    No, they were in Cleveland, but why would a roach like you, who undoubtedly only watched basketball for 3 know this?

What if MJ signs a contract with NY,...How will you react when he wins with 'Superpatrick' a ring?

    It will be because Super Patrick Ewing will have returned. jordon
will be 3rd string/12th man behind Super Allen Houston and Super John Starks.


From:  <>

you must be a knicks fan through all the crap you talk about and how Ewing is a powerhouse. 1)If the knick are that good and if starks, Ewing and oakley are some super stars then how could you not win a championship with them???  2)You said grant and pippen was the fomula to winning championships for the bulls then y in the first year when jordan was gone why didnt they win there fourth title???? 3)when jordan was gone i believe Pippens average. went from 18.5 a game to 20.2 a game which is not that big of a difference showin that jordan does not only ball hog. 4)remember when jordan came back he hadn't played for about 15 to 18 months that is the reason that also contributed to them loosing besides from grant being gone(the bulls are a team not a one man show)

    Finaly, the Bulls are a great team and without all its members they become a second rate team at best same goes with the knick. Ewing couldn't do it alone just like how pippen or jordan couldn't win a title alone. It takes a team effort to win 72 games and to win one title let alone 6. And every team who has won the chapionship has showen that.

Sheesh!   I put on the e-mail section to read the FAQ first and these silly roaches just don't get it...even after I provide a hyperlink to it!  Question 1, 2, and 3 are spoken of, as well as the explanation of the 72 wins.  *shake head*.  Oh well, this roach almost got to get past his 4 fingers and use his thumb (when counting).   As for point 3, Pippen isn't a ballhog, so he won't hog the ball when jordon leaves.  The team will take smart shots, and distribute his foolish attempts and turn them into smart shots.  That is why nearly every returning player from the 1993 team saw his scoring average and/or fg% increase when jordon left.  On a final note, he says that the Bulls would become a 2nd rate team if they lost ALL of their members.   Wow...they lose all 12 players and the coaching staff and they only slip to the level of a 55+ win team (SuperKnicks)?  This guy really knows how to dis "his" Bulls.  Heh.



From: Eric English <>

I think Scottie Pippen is great, probably one of the top 4-5 players in the league (certainly the best all around player), but where was he in game 6? That is what I thought. Who carried the team? Who did you say? What was that? Yep, your right. Mr. Clutch.

Jerry West did not play in that game.  I would expect such ignorance to be flaunted from a jordon jocker!

Who cares if he shot 35 times. Did they win the game, and the championship? My point

Mine, also.   The Bulls won in spite of his ballhogging.  He hit 42% of his shots, and the rest of the Bulls shot 59% collectively.  They carried jordon to victory, while he did everything in his power to give the game to Utah.

Sure Scottie's defense was awesome throughout the playoffs, but Michael played some d*mn good defense too. Or did you forget the steal on the other ball-hog Malone?

Malone is not a ballhog.  I see ballhog points (see FAQ) are too difficult for you to understand.  It's not like you had to calculate anything...I already did.  BTW, jordon played a nice zone.  Good thing the jordon-jocking refs were true to form.

Ya, I said Michael is a ball hog, but a good one at that .

Led the league in bricks for a record 11th time (breaking the record of 10, set by jordon!).   42% shooting...yeah, a real good ballhog.  The CBA is full of such "good" ballhogs.

So you can go on and complain about how much he shoots, and use your made up power point system (by the way, using that quote from Charles Barkley ("Any knuckle head can score. All you have to do is shoot a lot. It takes brains to rebound.") is one of the funniest things I have ever heard. What the h*ll has Charles ever won. 

He won far more games without Pippen than jordon ever did.  I suppose if he had Pippen, he'd have 6 championships, also.  Probably more.

As far as using the Allen Iverson matchup against Jordan, I almost couldn't write this cause I was laughing so hard. How many turnovers does Iverson average a game? It is so high I had to start counting my toes cause I ran out of fingers.

No player has averaged over 10 turnovers per game.  No surprise that simple math befuddles you so much.  That explains why you jock jordon.

At least Jordan (oh I'm sorry JORDON, and what in the h*ll does that mean?) has some control.

Heh.   That's what Nick Anderson said.  BTW, who was that klutz slipping at the end of Game 6 of the '98 Eastern Conference Finals and losing the game?  You can see a replay on the jordon theater.

Anyway, another bad example. Then there is Wilt and Russell. Oh my lord. Who could guard them? Each other. That was it.

Another history-challenged cockroach who never has heard of Nate Thurmond, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Walt Bellamy, Willis Reed, etc.

Those guys were playing against 6'0 to 6'5 white guys.

You mean like Jeff Hornacek and John Stockton, who, by the way, jordon has played in the last 2 finals?  jordon even plays against 5'3" and 5'6" players, which Wilt and Russell did not.  BTW, leave it to a jordon jocker to base ability on skin color.  Racists generally are simpletons.



From:  John Conneely <>

Do you want to know why you have to create a page like the Jordan hate page you did? Because he WINS!!! He flat out WINS!!!!

jordon's pre-Pippen playoff record: 1-9

# of winning seasons jordon had in the 3 pre-Pippen seasons:  0.

What a winner!

You and these other fools just can't handle it. I am not a bandwagon fan, I'm from Chicago.

According to Johnny Kerr, Chicagoans are jockriders.  See jordon library.

You say he's afraid to take the big his 28 other game winning shots....Game 6 this years Finals??

25 shots.   Truly sad that you jordon jockers have to make up your numbers.  25 shots in 13 seasons? clutch!  Too bad he has bricked far more often at the buzzer than he's made it.

The only shots you could make like that is if you were all alone in your backyard by yourself shooting from 2 feet away.

...or if no defense jordon were guarding me.

You have no idea what's it's like to play competitive basketball. I played 4 years of college ball and was in the NCAA tornament one of those years.

NCAA "tornament?"  Who did you play for -- UNLV?

It figures you would be a fan of Iverson and players like that. All show, no substance. No fundamentals. kettle.  jordon is the king of all show/no substance/no fundamentals.  Perhaps if you would remove your lips from his posterior, you could see the truth.

John Starks?? Please.   That guy is so streaky he's benched every other week. 2-14 shooting in the '94 Finals cost his team a ring. Oh, but he's super. Your right. And that's why they lose time and time again.

Unfortunately, for SuperStarks, he had to play against a legitimate defender (Vernon Maxwell), and not a sieve, like jordon.  Of course, you completely turn a blind eye to jordon's 5-19 brickfest he had against SuperStarks in the '93 playoffs.  Oh yeah, one other's "You're right."  I guess you never got out of English Comp I at UNLV. 

Oh wow...Iverson puts a crossover move and scores. Big deal.

You have the classic gunner mentality:  Who cares if jordon can't stop a guy?  He'll score on the other end.  Outscoring a guy is the best defense.  Heh.  No wonder you jock jordon!  Well, your spelling resembles a Jerry Tarkanian recruit on the Lloyd Daniels-level, but your defensive mentality resembles a Paul Westhead/Loyola Marymount attitude.

The Bulls won that game and MJ did out score Iverson.

No.   Iverson outscored jordon...but proceed, you are telling such a wonderful fairy tale!

Not that he even cares what Iverson thinks of him anyways.

jordon disagrees.  After Iverson told jordon "I don't respect you." jordon told him, "You'd better respect me."  And then jordon backed his point by getting torched by Iverson and outscored for the season in their head-to-head duels.  

Again...I expect this from a Knicks fan. Brainless as usual.

Yeah...brainless...see the letter above.  The SuperKnicks aren't my team.  You are the one who has repeatedly flaunted ignorance.

P.S. The man's name is Jordan. j o r d A n. Maybe you should learn to spell before you make a fool of yourself.

Coming from a guy who can't spell "tournament" and doesn't understand contractions (that would be what they call a word like "You're"), I find your petty attempts at insulting most humorous.  No wonder you work for the government!  The way you jock jordon, you are probably a Clinton intern!  Well, just for the record, Johnny Kerr spells it "jordon".  j o r d O n  on page 37 of Bull Session, and trust me, he knows FAR more about the Bulls than you, and he has lived in Chicago longer than you. He played in the NCAA tournament (there's that word again) and he was an All-American.   So.....




i cant believe you can just sit ther and trash jordan that way. that just comes to show you that you have nothing better to do but sit on your ass and make a fool of yourself.

I see you did not read the disclaimer...I am NOT Foolish jordon.

it just makes you seem as if you're just jealous of jordon. i bet you are just some fat ass who thinks a slam dunk is something you do with a doughnut and a cup of coffee!!!!

No. I think a slam dunk is 2 things:

1) jordon's only offensive move.
2) Something Super John Starks did in jordon and Horace Grant's face in 1993.


From: Tamra & Michael Kufro <>

Why would you say such awful things about Michael Jordon? I guess he is bad role model for children. I'm 26 yrs. old and have a five year old child. I just wish that more professional athletes were like him. Were in the news can one see that Mr. Jordon beats his wife, abuses drugs, speeds recklessly, or is unintelligant in his manner of speaking? I feel you need to look more closely at the positive impact that Michael Jordan has on the children of today, Parents are looking for a wholesome image to set as an example and Michael Jordon offes that. I don't care if he's the greatest player ever but I feel safe in presenting him as a role model for my child. Maybe you need to look beyond your biased opinion to see the good he does contribute.

You want Foolish jordon as a role model? Who else do you want your 5-year old to grow and emulate
: Albert Belle? Charles Manson? Adolph Hitler? Do you want your child drinking and smoking?  Do you want your child to be lazy? Do you want your child to be a trouble maker and get suspended from school? Do you want your child to demonstrate a poor work ethic? Do you want your child eating greasy & fat food frequently? Do you want your child to be a poor sport who doesn't play well with others, like jordon the ballhog has done with the Bulls? Do you want your child telling lies? Do you want your child to become a trash talker? Didn't you read what jordon HIMSELF said in Rare Air?(See:   Exposers of jordon's Foolishness).  I truly worry about what the future holds, when  parents encourage their children to model their lives after such foolish and cancerous ballhogs.

Now, if you are saying that you want your child to grow up and be a superior cook, like jordon, then I do apologize, and say I hope your child succeeds. Just be sure to discourage your child from imitating the (ever growing) foolishness characteristics of jordon.


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