The Nation of Spoon

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Powerful painting by the talented Spoonist, Richard Larson



Welcome to this humble shrine dedicated to the Spoon.  No webmaster could ever make a page that truly captures the fullness of the Spoon.  I have put this webpage off too long out of intimidation at trying to rise to this challenge.   Since it cannot be met, I present this humble cybertemple that tries to demonstrate a minute fraction of the power and glory of the living legend. 

Who is the Spoon?  I try my best to answer this most difficult question.

Psalms to the Spoon.  Read some of my Usenet posts that sing the praises of the Spoon.

THE Trade - Read my 6-part Usenet Story about the trade that almost happened.

What is the Nation of Spoon? - Learn about it and how to join.

Pictures of the Spoon - A photo gallery of the great one!

Spoon Links - Learn more of the Spoon.

Click here to see a video of Spoon out-muscling Karl Malone for a rebound. (632 KB)

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