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In 2007, the newest inductees to the hall of fame were announced.  They included Phil Jackson, Roy Williams, Mendy Rudolph, and some no-name coaches from the bush leagues.  However, no NBA players were inducted.  I have noticed the following disturbing trends.

Any more, it seems that a NBA player has to be one of the top 50 in order to be inducted.  In the past, lesser players were inducted, such as Jack Twyman, K.C. Jones, Cliff Hagen, and Bailey Howell.  How come that players of the modern era, who excelled at an equal level, such as Rolondo Blackman, Maurice Cheeks, and Bobby Jones are not recognized?  If they dominates some no-name European league, they would be.

The biggest travesty in the NBA coach.  There are NCAA coaches who never won a championship in the hall of fame, such as John Cheney.  There are many more who only won one championship (why not induct Steve Fisher?  He got lucky once!).  However, if a NBA coach is innovative and wins coach of the year, he in not because he has no ring, such as Don Nelson.  He can win a multiple rings, like Tommy Heinsoln and K.C. Jones, and still not get inducted.  Any coach who succeeded at both levels say the NBA will say that it is much more difficult to coach at the professional level, yet the voters think otherwise.

With that said, I have created this site to show those who have not received their just rewards from the hall of fame induction committee.  Let's hope this injustice is corrected.

Players Coaches
Rolondo Blackman Tommy Heinsoln
Dennis Rodman Don Nelson
Bobby Jones K.C. Jones
Maurice Cheeks Tex Winter
Adrian Dantley

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