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These are words from people who understand and acknowledge the foolishness of jordon. jordon jockers would be wise to keep these words close to heart and meditate upon them daily.


From: Joseph E. Beck" <beck@cs.umass.edu>

Wow, I'd always thought #23 was overrated, and treated more than graciously by the refs, but your FAQ is downright scary.

I don't know if I'd be quite so negative on valuing points (in the Power Points) rating.   I mean, Rodman does rule, but I don't think 5 of him could win a game. 

        Depends...if they were playing a team full of jordon's, they would win easily!

Whose misses would he pick up on offense? But hey, at least Wilt and Russell and #1 and #2. Actually, except for leaving out Jordon, most people would even agree with the list ;-)

Great site!

        Thank you!  Keep in mind that most people are jordon-jocking cyborgs who have been brainwashed into the collective.  That is why they would disagree.  Keep in mind this list is players who are better than jordon, not the top 50 players ever (Derrick Coleman?  Puleeze!  He's better than jordon, but that's not saying much!)   I don't think anybody would really say that jordon should be on the list of players who are better than jordon.

From:  AMJACK576@aol.com

I totally agree with everything you say about Jordon. He is the most over rated player ever to play in the NBA. The people who are fans of his are usually too stupid or blind to realize it. I saw him in a game against Detroit where he scored 42 points, and all of the jockers were saying how great he was in that game. But, when I showed them the box scores Jordon had 12 free throws and shot 15-40 from the floor. They couldn't understand that he missed 25 shots. I could hit more than that on my worst day. Jordon has single-handedly turned me away from watching the NBA.

Well now that he's gone, we can see team-ball again, so I hope you come back and see the NBA crown it's first legitimate champion since the 1995 Rockets.

From < SiouxSpur@aol.com>

Your FANTASTIC web site has restored my faith in the NBA and NBA fans!  I am a long time San Antonio Spurs Fan, and JordUMB and Bulls HATER!!!  I'm am ashamed to admit this, but the Bulls won their FIRST ill-deserved championship game because of our former Spurs GM, the EVIL Bob bASS.......it was Mr. bASS that traded our beloved John Paxson to the Bulls.....and in case anyone has forgotten....it was PAXSY and NOT JorDUMB that hit the winning 3 point shot!!!  I am so glad that mr. bASS is no longer with the Spurs and has moved on...We pray for our brothers and sisters that cheer on the Hornets, that mr.bASS won't make the same mistake, and give the Bulls one of their key players.
        I do have a suggestion regarding your Quiz....I would have scored a perfect 0, but I could not select the answer with a clear conscious that said that Dennis the Menance was better than JorDUMB......when Dennis the Menace wore the silver and black he did not give 100% on the court each and every night....in the championship game in 94-95 when the Spurs played the Rockets in the
Western Conference finals...Dennis was too tired from his trips to Vegas to play any defense, AJ, Sean and Vinny were rallying the team and ole Neon Hair just stood there....I can never forgive Dennis the Menace for his lack of effort during the playoffs...his whining, his pouting, his lack of effort.... (no wonder the Bulls picked him up, he LIVED song "be like mike" ! )

....Keep up the good work with your wonderful web site and ring out the truth about JorDUMB!!! Take Care

Please do keep in mind that while Rodman didn't give his all when he was a Spur, jordon has never given his all in any game in his life (except when he was taking ALL the shots).  Rodman is certainly no Kevin McHale, Theo Ratliff, or Super Charles Oakley, but he is certainly better than jordon.

From: Andrew Mikowski" <mouse1212@hotmail.com>

Hey, what's up man. I gotta tell you that your web site is great.  Jordon sucks ... amen to that.

...and there was silence in the temple of the jordon, as the truth was spoken!

From: Anders Lunde <an-h-lun@online.no>

I wanna join as a EjF member

Great page!!!

I hate those people sayin MJ is the best.....

Keep up the good work!!!

Representin'n Norway

Defender of the North Sea,

You are in EjF my brother.  The spirit of the the EjF flows through you!  Defend the North Sea from jordon jockers!   Use truth as your weapon, and they will flee!

From:  Rickey & Suzi <ram@rochester.rr.com>

I must say one of the best I have ever seen !

Thank you!

From: Linda Foules <n2lmf00@rich.frb.org>

Amen! Amen! Amen! We have finally established that Jordan is not the icon every delusional Jordan worshipers advocate. Jordan is an egotistical selfish hypocrite that has been prostituted by David Stern, NBC and major Corporations (e.g. Nike). The only reason Jordan has reached the height of epitome was due to the emergence of Scottie Pippen. With his all around great athleticism, Scottie elevated Jordan from being ONE, and I emphasis ONE, of a great player to a phenomenon.  Scottie proved that he could take a scrub team, make the playoffs and perhaps would have won a championship if not for that bogus call by the official. I believe this was a conspiracy to have the Bulls lose so that Jordan had a reason for returning after his suspension. And of course, David Stern, the fascist and NBA stood to make millions.

        Powerful words, to which I can only say, "Preach on!"

From: John C Mingione <NYKNICK33@prodigy.net>

For years I have been telling all of my basketball buddies that Jordan's the biggest jerk in the whole NBA. Everybody thinks that Jordan is the greatest player to ever play the game but I strongly disagree !!!! Jordan has some major flaws which people fail to notice such as he never gives the ball to another player and he always feels it necessary to show off to the other team and their fans.  Also, what's the whole deal with Jordan never getting injured, it's like he's some basketball robotI mean he never once in the season evens spraines his ankle.

I would prefer to see jordon stay and Scottie leave the Bulls.  I rather enjoyed seeing jordon "lead" the Bulls to losing records.


From: Greg <partypro@autobahn.org>

I was happy to stumble across your web page. I was worried that I was the only person alive who realized how over-rated Michael Jordan is.

I have a question that you may know the answer too. I read in ESPN Magazine a reference to game 6 of last year's NBA finals. The letter did not explain, but it referred to the fact that the Jazz actually outscored the Bulls, but due to a referee error, the Bulls won the game. Is this really true? Is it just the case of a bad call that lead to a basket or was there some bigger error? Do you know anthing about this?

You are far from the only wise person who realizes that jordon is overrated.  As per your question: Yes, Howard Eisley hit a 3 pointer and the jordon-jocking refs waved it off, claiming the 24 second shot had gone off, when it wasn't even close.  Then Ron Harper received 2 points for hitting a shot after the buzzer.  This was 5 points the Jazz were screwed on, and they "lost" by 1 point.  Even when you outscore the Bulls, the jordon jocking refs and David S(a)tern will see to it that you don't receive the victory.   Top it off with jordon playing a zone on Malone at the end of the game, and then pushing Bryon Russell to the ground, before taking the last shot, and this game, possibly above all others, best illustrates what a joke the league has become, and how the league and the refs jock jordon.  This is talked about more elsewhere -- click here.


From:   CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS <LVTC65B@prodigy.com>

I've been a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers since 1984,when Phil Hubbard, World B. Free, and John Bagley were playing for them. I will always remain true to the Cavs. I will always hate the Bulls. I live about an hour from the city of Cleveland. Most people here are Cavs fans, but we do have our share of moronic Bulls fans as well. Every time I see someone wearing a piece of Bulls material, I wanna kick that person's @ss. I think the turning point of people here liking the Bulls was in the 1989 Playoffs. It was game 5 of the opening round at the Richfield Colliseum (which was replaced by Gund Arena in 1994). I was sitting near the tunnel where the Cavs made their entrance. There was less then 1 second to play. The Cavs were leading the Bulls 100-99. The Bulls had the ball at halfcourt. The ball was inbounded to Michael "Jack@ss" Jordan. He shot an 18-footer over Craig Ehlo's head and the Bulls unfortunatley won 101-100. Everyone in the building was a Cavs fan. Everyone, including myself, went home shocked,as if someone robbed them. If that were to happen today, at least 1 out of every 10 people would be cheering. If I go to school wearing Cavs clothes,including my official Cavs shooting shirt or my Shawn Kemp #4 jersey, at least one clueless Bulls fan says something like "Cavs suck, Bulls rule." I feeling like opening a can of whoop-@ss on them,Vitaly Potapenko style.
        I'm sure the same thing happens to people who live in or near NBA cities throughout the US as well as Vancouver and Toronto. I'm sick and tired of the brainwashing that has occured,with Michael Jordan talking about using a product he doesn't even like to use. I also don't understand how anyone can actually like Dennis Rodman. He's the biggest ****** on earth. Of course, if he played for any other team, he'd get criticized heavily because the media feels they should kiss the Bulls @sses.Looking at this site gives me hope.It shows there are people with enough testicular fortitude to hate the Bulls. I hope I am considered an EJF. Hating the Bulls is something to be proud of.  It shows that you have courage, character, and that you are too smart to be brainwashed by anyone, including the media... Whoevery you are that made this site,I commend you. It's about time someone tells the truth.

Thank you for you powerful, yet truthful words!  Yes, consider yourself an EjF.  As for Rodman, isn't it funny despised he was by the jordon-jocking cockroaches before he came to Chicago?  They said they'd never forgive him for pushing poor Scottie into that support in the 1991 playoffs.  Heh.  Yeah, sure, and then Chicagoans welcomed Albert Belle with open arms.  Surprise, surprise!


From:  Deborah <BigMac7OHR@aol.com>

I have seen my share of anti-j0rd0n pages in the last year, but this... This is the best I have ever seen, by far... I have spent nearly 3 1/2 hours reading the entire page... You speak the truth so eloquently about j0rd0n's foolishness, and mix in some great humor (like j0rd0n framing Marv Albert and Clinton, to name a couple)...

I'm glad to know there are people out here who see the truth about His Arrogantness, and will do whatever it takes to expose it... I too am tired of the National Bulls Company, and the JBA (j0rd0n Basketball Association) corrupting the sports world and taking over the minds of millions of cockroaches.

I have hated j0rd0n since he was a rookie. I grew up watching the greats like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dr. J, Moses Malone, and have read and seen highlights of the greats like Wilt, Bill Russell, Cousy, Oscar Robertson, Super Earl The Pearl Monroe, Jerry West, Super Willis Reed, Pete Maravich, and Elgin Baylor. And then, in fall of 1984, it was all ruined...Because a cancerous tumor grew in the NBA... A tumor named Foolish j0rd0n. A cancer who took this beautiful, graceful, team-oriented game and turned it into a selfish, gunning, ballhogging league with no fundamentals. Kids today see j0rd0n on NBC and all over the JBA, and think that is great basketball,
and this is the greatest player ever.. These kids don't know about the grace a big man (Wilt) played with.. The TRUE Mr. Clutch shooting of Jerry West. Bill Russell - who a lot of times didn't even score 10 points a game - dominating the entire game with his defense, rebounding and will to win every game, not the will to gun every game.. Cousy's amazing ball-handling and passing...Kareem's graceful skyhook.. Magic's no-look passes - and Magic is more of a clutch shooter than j0rd0n by far!! The three-pointer buzzer beaters.. The 37 foot fallaway at the buzzer against the Bullets in 1988 to force the game to overtime.. The 20 foot hook shot against the Sonics in 1990. Or how about Larry Bird, a "white boy" as the roaches would call him, who couldn't jump or run, yet is one of the grestest pure shooters to ever play the game, was about as fundamental as they get, and always got his teammates involved.. Dr. J, a better player AND dunker than j0rd0n! Super Willis Reed, going out on one good leg in game 7 of the 1970 Finals, and leading the SuperKnicks to the title.. I admit, I am a Lakers fan and have been since Magic was a rookie (when I was 4!), but I get goosebumps watching highlights from that game.. Unbelievable.


The day j0rd0n retires, I will throw a party..

Anyway, I'm sure I've taken up plenty of your time. I just wanted to say keep up the great work, for Judden is very good, and Judden is truly wise. I would love to join your EjF, and help spread the word against this cancerous gunning ballhog...


BTW- On the j0rd0n jocking quiz.. Scored a 0. But then, as I have said, I have been a j0rd0n hater since he was a rookie

Consider yourself an EjF!  And when you have that party, give Judden a call!  "His Arrogantness"...I like it!


From: Tom Huey <solo@sj.bigger.net>

Hey, I love your site! I too am a big believer that Jordan is nothing but a ballhog. Of course it never occured to me to make a website about it, but I'm glad it did to somebody. When I get the chance, I'll put a link to your website.

Thank you for the link and the powerful words!

From:  Bryan <bkey250@erols.com>

I have returned once again to your good and wise page. I love you man LOL. It is amazing the amount of people around who don't have a clue.

Yes it is, whoever said "You can't fool all the people all the time" never saw the Bulls on NBC!


From:  Randy & Peg Baumgartner <rgart@kuntrynet.com>

Hey, now I know that somewhere, there are actually people like me.

Yes, the dark side hasn't consumed everybody.  Resistance is NOT futile!


From:  MR SCOTT ESPINOZA <KnickFan3@prodigy.com>

Took the quiz and got a zero...!!!! eyeh!!!'

Congrats!  It is a rather easy quiz, as long as the National Bulls Company hasn't brainwashed you, no?


From:  <bgc@hargray.com>

You have a tight sight.

Thank you!


From:  Zach Helke <deji@eh.org>

I'm a Rockets fan and I'm really sick of hearing, "Well if Jordan played those two season, the Bulls would have won...Those two Houston Championships don't mean a thing if JORDAN wasn't in the NBA."

Preach on, brother!   This is the drivel of jordon jockers!  jordon DID play during that 2nd Rockets championship and he "led" the Bulls to a worse playoff run than the Bulls had the year before, without him.  Horace Grant was there the previous year, and he proved to be far more valuable than Foolish jordon.  Don't be surprised when jordon jockers say such drivel about the Rockets, since this happened a year before most Bulls "fans" were watching.


From:  <Rukkus1@aol.com>

thank you for exposing the farce that is michael jordan.

You're welcome!


From:  <owen6511@earthlink.net>

I can honestly say this is the best web site I have seen in quite a while. What thoroughness! What brilliance!

I have to admit I am a Bulls fan, and became so because my father loved jordon and the Bulls. I was a young and impressionable 17 year old. I foolishly started watching the Bulls after jordon came back, turning my back on my beloved Houston Rockets. However, I came to see the light that the best players on the Bulls are the magnificent Scottie Pippen and the almighty Toni Kukoc. (This is just the present, I am not ignoring the other Bulls that carried jordon in the first three championship years)

I was fully convinced that jordon was a lame spotlight hogging ballhog after Game 6 of this year's series with the Jazz. jordon could not handle the Bulls winning Game 5 and the series riding on the coattails of Toni Kukoc. So, he bricked the shot, and they went back to Utah and well, we all know what happened. Enough fodder for jordon lovers like Isiah Thomas, Peter Vescey (the idiot!), Hannah Storm (who continues to ruin the chances for women to become respectable in sports journalism because she is a moron), and Bill Walton. So what that jordon stole the ball? He had to do it because he bricked the darn thing. And I thought last year's Steve Kerr shot was much better than jordon's shot this year. Not to mention Toni and Scottie's magnificent stealing of the ball.

Now that I think about it, the worst quality of jordon is his arrogance.  I can't remember the game (I'm too lazy to look it up) where the Bulls lost a game in the ECF or the finals. Anyway, jordon starts talking about having to work on Luc. Luc???? jordon's stats were horrible! He had the worst night a basketball player could have. And he wants to work on Luc Longley? HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, continue the good work!


Thank you for these powerful words!  The game that you referred to (Longley) is listed and I wrote a song about it.  It is under the section song parodies.


From: <Iluvreg31@aol.com>

"First MJ said he'd retire but then he got $38 million for one more year, then he said he wouldn't play for anyone other than Phil Jackson, but now that he's gone, MJ now says he'll stay if everyone else comes back. He should get it straight, but his ego takes up most of the space, so he ended up getting rid of all his brain cells, and boy can we tell! I seriously don't know how people can continue to adore him i mean yuck! he is the biggest loser i have ever seen and i am ashamed that he has to be related to basketball....he gives the sport a bad name. I'd have to say that your webpage is the best one i have ever read, its soo truthful, even though the truth can hurt to bulls fans, its about time the truth is revealed. great job."

jordon's hypocrasy never ceases to amaze me, either!


From:  Doctor JED <doctor_jed@hotmail.com>

Hello fellow Jordan hater, I would like to say that I appreciate your  web page, it is good to see that there are people out there that see Jordan like the fraud that he is. It makes so mad that everybody is like "please Jordan stay, don't retire, you can still play, boo hoo" and they don't realize that that's what he wants, he just lives for the attention, all that thing that he's not sure he's gonna retire or whatever is just bull-sh*t (no pun intended...well maybe), it's just a way to get attention because he probably didn't get any when he was a little boy (you know how the books say that he really really sucked at any sport when he was a child...). You know what I say to Jordan when he says he's gonna retire? GOOD Riddance! it was about frigging time he got out of the league..and this time please stay out!! That stupid come back of his was just a publicity stunt. Get out of the league fast so that players that really care for the game and not the fame can be appreciated for this fact.

Thank You.

You're Welcome!  But please keep in mind that I do not hate jordon.  I am indifferent and unbiased in matters concerning Foolish jordon.  I simply report the facts and let his foolishness speak for itself!


From: <Gambz14@aol.com>

You spend an awful lot of time bashing MJ. Cool!

See above.  I do an awful lot of reporting.  jordon is foolish an awful lot of the time.


From: <JEFFJAM25@aol.com>

Hey yo...
I just wanted to write you and tell you how sweet your page is. I can't stand jordan or any chicago team for that matter. I am a die hard cleveland fan...so i hate white sox and the bulls. anywho....your page just gave me so much energy.

Thank you!  Seeing such words gives me the energy to carry on the good fight!


From: Martin Smutov" <smuti@uninet.ee>

Hi , this is ONE OF THE GREATEST pages I have seen.  Just now downloading it all to my hard drive to show it all to my friends who mosly just loooooooove the Bulls.  I don't have that team I think Pippen is GREAT and Kukoc is the best European player (as I'm from Europe).  But who the **** is Michael "40 million contract not less" Jordan?  The best basketball player ever hit the floor?  Sure, only he hit it with his head and that's the reason he dosn't know what to do.  He just is as one NBA analyst said the "Media MVP", and that you have to look for the true MVP somethere else.   Mr Airbag dosn't deserv the titel MVP.

Carry on,
best wishes from Estonia,
Martin Smutov - fan of Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns

Thank you!  It's good to see that there are wise EjFs all around the globe!


From: <khise@terraworld.net>

"I, Mathgod, have blessed this site. It is good and indisputable."

All the proof I need! Mathgod is the most brilliant mathematician on the planet! It was Mathgod who blessed ballhog points and gave them their credibility! Mathgod's blessing has caused many cockroaches to gnash their teeth!


From:  Paul Kim <pauly7@hotmail.com>

Being from Detroit and a fan of the Pistons, I was able to observe jordon's foolishness over the years through an unbiased lens and am only now brave enough, led on by your courageous crusade to expose jordon, to add to and corroborate your findings:

1) The "Bad Boys" WERE indeed defending themselves from the animal-like on-court menacings of jordon.  [Brought up in jordon's evil legacy]

2) jordon, however, did prove himself to be a master manipulator as evidenced by a mass immigration of former Piston players to the Bulls, i.e. John Salley, James Edwards, and Dennis Rodman in addition to adding Isiah to his choir sitting in the NBC booth. This only proves that jordon needs championship-caliber players to suceed. However, jordon must be commended (we should give credit where it is due) for his powerful use of money and deception to break up truly great teams, which have led to mediocrity in the league.

3) The firing of Doug Collins last year happened soon after the Pistons embarassed the Bulls and exposed jordon on NBC. Coincidence? hardly. jordon had decided that he had been exposed for the last time by the true genius of Doug Collins and suceeded in getting Collins fired once again by using his influence on the lesser Pistons and is now subjecting Collins to the worst torture of making him sing jordon's praises with the NBC.

jordon is the pure evil incarnate and must be stopped. Truth is EjF's only weapon but the only one that matters

Powerful and handsome words from a wise man!  Continue preaching this undeniable truth!


From:  Chuck Evans" <dunkonu@fcmail.com>

I just thought I would let you guys know that I thought your site was really great. I can't say that I totally agree with everything on your page, but it is definetly a must read for anyone that is a fan of basketball! You guys are true fans! I think even "His Airness" would get a kick out of reading this. Your page is exactly the kind of stuff we used to talk to each other when we were kids. (I am 28 now) You completly dog the guy out while still remaining clean and tasteful. It shows that there can still be good trash talk without having to sound insulting. This is a first rate site (even if you like Jordan) I put a link to you guys on my site. Keep up the good work! My site is : http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/oxford/519

Thank you.   "Tastefulness" is the way of the EjF.  The truth is his ally and flows from his mouth!  jordon jockers are the ones who are vulgar and flaunt their 4-letter vocabularies.


From:  <Bryant8NBA@aol.com >

Never saw someone with the guts to speak the truth on jordon before. I know Kobe Bryant is my favorite player, but I never claim that he's the greatest of all-time or will ever be the greatest.

Keep up the good work, and have fun fighting off all of the roaches.

Will do!


Kevin R. Schneider" <kschneid@students.uiuc.edu>

I now wish to join the ranks of EJF. I have realized the error of my jordon-jocking ways, and want to come to the right side. It is now clear that Pippen is the leader of the Bulls, and jordon is a cancerous ballhog that only hurts the team. Why else would he fire BJ - a newly appointed all-star? BJ, realizing that his shots could help the team much more that jordon's many bricks, decided to shoot. Jordon didn't like that, so he fired BJ.

Jordon also fired Doug Collins, the only coach who was able to turn jordon into a contributing player. Jordon's only decent season was Doug Collins's last - jordon fired him the same way he fired BJ. Also, jordon wouldn't get near as many points if his opponents could (God forbid) play defense without being whistled for it. And that's another thing - jordon doesn't play defense. In the 97 finals he pretended to have the "flu" so he didn't have to even get back on defense - talk about lazy!

Yes, I have realized the error of my ways and wish to proclaim jordon the foolish, wretched, cancerous ballhog that he is by joining EJF!

Hallelujah!   Mission Accomplished!  Another jordon jocker sees the light and recognizes the foolishness of jordon!  Welcome, my brother, to the side of truth and enlightenment.   Preach the message to the jordon jockers.  Your testimony will be powerful!


From: David Wilser <dswilser@ucdavis.edu>

To the Preacher of Truth:

Your brilliant site may be the single most great and profound oracle of wisdom I've encountered so far in this jordon-jocking world. I've spent over an hour looking around (which is a record for me), and I don't know what I've enjoyed more; your penetrating insights on the talentless ballhogging and general foolishness of the wretched spawn of

David Stern and Nike, or the pathetic attempts of the jordon jockers who foolishly try to defend jordon but end up simply displaying their horribly brainwashed state for all to look upon with pity. It's bad enough when people don't realize how great Wilt/Russel/O/Baylor/West/Cap/Earl/Hondo/etc. were, but when they forget the 80's and call jordon the best of Anything, I can't help but feel a little worried about the state of things. However, your site is a ray of hope, and I hope that you do realize there are many out there who agree with you (such as the majority of my ball-playing friends). There is hope for the rest of the world, so long as people like you strive to do the good work of exposing the fraud that is jordon."

Thank you for these moving words, my brother!


J.M. Barry" <barrybsh@erols.com>

I applaud you on your compelling and intriguing insights on your Jordan sucks page. I found your arguments very strong, although somewhat far-fetched (i.e., drug use increasing increasing due to Jordan's arrival into the NBA and trash-talking), and overall enjoyed reading your comments. I do question your SuperStarks touting, but being a Bulls fan (note: Bulls fan, not Jordan fan - loved the team before him, and will continue to love the team long after, and can't wait to be able to get tickets to the arena once he's gone), I consider him Mr. Choke, and rank him among the most inconsistent players in the league, but then again, that's my opinion, as are the comments made on your page.

The one thing that impresses me the most is that you take the time to back up your statements. I am one who enjoys healthy confrontation and arguments, but only if they are inspired and fruitful. Simply saying that Jordan is the best based on his merits does not do, and few current fans, if any, would be able to spout off the numbers the way you do.  How long did this research take you?

Why do you devote your time to maintaining this page and continuing the arguments on the NG? What do you want to gain from it?

Again, I applaud you on your efforts and thank you for the entertainment. I look forward to the arguments posted in the NG in the future.

It is refreshing to see a legitimate Bulls fan.  Perhaps someday, you will meet the other 4 in the world!   As per your comments about Super John Starks, you are entitled to your incorrect opinion.  Super Starks is handsome and powerful and easily torches jordon.   Also, do you think it just happens to be "coincidence" that drug usage in the NBA and amongst American teens has been on the rise ever since jordon joined the league?  To answer your questions:  Very little time was spent "researching."  As the wise Grinch said, "Everytime jordon opens his mouth, he exposes his foolishness!"  All it takes to see jordon exposing his foolishness is to simply watch the ballhog on tv, or read his comments in the newspaper.   I gain nothing from my work.  I am a public servant, working for the good of society, so that jordon jocking cockroaches may see the error in their ways and realize that jordon is not the benchmark for greatness.  I maintain this page for 2 reasons:   So I can refer usenet roaches to this site for answers, and also to spread the message of jordon's foolishness on another medium.


From:  Photos" <photos@thepilotnews.com>

GREAT JOB!!!!! I love your site, if only other people could just realize the truth. God bless you, amen. What will you do when the sucker finally calls it quit.

As long as jordon keeps flaunting his foolishness, I will continue to expose it.  He doesn't have to play basketball to do this.  Personally, I will celebrate when jordon quits (again!), as the league can (hopefully) get back to what made it great:  passing, defense, rebounding...all the non-selfish fundamentals that jordon does not demonstrate.


From:  <EATON53@webtv.net>

Mr. Handsome & Powerful Judden, Sir, your site is the Taj Mahal of Truth & Knowledge regarding wretched & Foolish jordon. I would suspect that upon viewing the great Wisdom displayed here, most jordon jocking cockroaches would fall blinded to the ground, their eyes seared shut, their antennae withering and their pea-brains exploding from the overload of non-Stern/Nike approved information. As a Jazz fan, I hoped against hope that we would not be robbed by the jordon jocking refs, but alas, it was not to be. The cowards stabbed us in the back at the last possible moment, making Foolish jordon look like some kind of Superman.  The EjF know the real truth - Lois Lane could take Foolish jordon off the dribble, but jordon would flop and benefit from the offensive foul that would surely be called. Judden's Knowledge is well known from his superb posts on the Bulls ng, he is the man there. I know I am not worthy to hold Judden's jock in that area, but I vow to do my best to defend the Jazz ng against any and all of Foolish jordons wretched spawn who attempt to troll there. Keep up the good work!

Preach the truth and the jordon jockers will be silent before your power.


From:  <johngw1@webtv.net>

I seen your site it was the best.It took me about an hour to get out.I was so interested.I also hate the tin god, Jordon.I thought i would never go to a jordon site,i guess i never dreamed there would be a site like this.   Do you know what ever happend to Harold Miner(baby Jordon) you seem to know a lot so i came to ask you.  I was also wondering who would be the next jocker if jordon left?  I think it might be grant hill or kobe bryant,well if there is another player to be jocked after jordon leaves
please give me your 2 cents on who it will be.

I have put an article on my bold prediction under the "miscellaneous exposÚs" section.  Whomever NBC decides to hype, this much is certain, he will be better than jordon!


From:  "Nina Hunn" <bigmac@mocty.com>

hello! i want to be a member of the club. i scored a 1 on your test!  i think that is pretty impressing!  i hate jordan!   every season my family sit in front of the television and yell obsinidies at jordan.how is anybody going to beat the bulls when every referee kisses their butts!   i am sick of it!!  everybody is!!(everybody but the idiots in our world) karl malone should have won the mvp this season,but nooo!they have to give it to michael ''air'' jordan!!!!  i have two words for michael jordan, #%$@ =

JORDAN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!(so does ahmond rashad)

I am not sure jordon will understand what you mean when you say, "pound sign, percent sign, dollar sign, at sign, equals!"  Perhaps you should tell him what the Fun Police tell ballhogs like jordon, "Yo!  Pass the ball!" That may be more beneficial to him...not that he would listen, but constructive criticism can be helpful.


From: Cesar Centenos <ccentenos@expressnet.net.co>

First of all Congratulations an a great page, it really KICKS ASS. If you think you know many jordan jockers, try living in a country like Colombia, where I live, most people here only know the bulls an MJ, because they get more time on the news. I once said Chamberlain had an 100 point game and some drunk asshole said that I had to make up players and stats to put jordon down.

I'm a Laker fan, since I grew up watching Magic in the 80's thanks to cable T.V. I consider myself a EjF, because I fight a lone battle against several Brainwashed by t.v, ass kissing MJholics. It's great knowing there are other's like me out there.

Hang in there and continue to fight the good fight, my EjF brother! People like you are the resistance movement that prevents jordon from taking over the world! BTW, don't be surprised about the 100 point incident. You will find that jordon jockers have absolutely NO clue about history. They are the least intelligent sports fans in the world. That is why they jock jordon. If they saw REAL players play, like Wilt, Russell, Jabbar, Magic, Bird, Dr. J, Oscar, Elgin, and Super John Starks, they would know that jordon is not a great basketball player.


From: Luke White <whitesk@preferred.com>

I want to join the EJF's!!!!!! I didn't think anyone in the world hated Michael Jordan more than me. This site rules!!!

Give me more info on the club. This is without a doubt the best site on the internet!!! ...Thanks a million for all the great work on the page and I hope you keep it on the net for a long time.


Luke White

Consider yourself a fully functional, double-barreled Exposer of jordon's Foolishness! If you know see any more foolishness of jordon's to expose, tell your friends and all you see and let me know, so I can include it! Also, keep in mind, I do not hate jordon. I don't even dislike him. I am completely unbiased about jordon. I acknowledge that jordon is a superior cook and his restaurant is top class facility. When jordon earns praise, I give it. When he flaunts his foolishness, I expose it...without passion or prejudice.


From: Lutz van Hasselt <willwink@pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.de>

Dear Judden,

I enjoyed reading your EjF homepage tremendously. You are obviously the wisest person ever to make a Web page. I'd like to join the EjF's, but I'm not sure if I qualify, because I actually scored 2 points on your quiz. I chose answers 7f) and 8e) for my 2 points and frankly, I am a bit confused because I was very sure about these answers. I do in fact own cardboard cutouts that play better defense than jordon. (I also have some leftover broccoli in my basement that plays better defense than jordon.) About question 8, are you sure you got your astronomy right? Halley's comet comes around every 80 or so years, not every 7,362 years and 5 months. Maybe f) is a typo and should read "jordon passes out as often as John Starks comes around"? Also, I fail to understand why 8e) should not be correct. Please help me on this subject. I also like your Wilt tribute page, but could you stop mentioning jordon on this page (and misspelling his name)? I like the part where you compare Wilt to other great players like Oscar or Russell, but what does jordon have to do with this?

Thank you for these powerful words, my EjF brother! 2 points is nothing to be ashamed of. You realized that cardboard cutouts play better defense than jordon, and just because you didn't realize that the statue in front of the united center does, also, is nothing to be ashamed of. Judden provided a hint to this question in the Pictures entitled "jordon's abilities." You realized that jordon is a lousy defender, you just didn't realize the full extent of his deficiencies. As for question 8e, I am not sure what you mean about Super John Starks power "coming around." He comes around to crush Foolish jordon multiple times per season, whereas Halley's comet comes around every 78 years, which is approximately how many times jordon has passed the ball (outside of clutch time, when jordon gets cold feet and looks for guys like Kerr and Paxson to bail him out!) Judden does apologize for the misspelling of jordon's name on the Wilt page. Judden will have to correct that. Thanks for pointing it out! You are very correct in pointing out that jordon should not listed among those who are compared to the Big Dipper. However, NBC has brainwashed many Borg/jordon jockers. Since Wilt's page is linked with this, Judden realized that jordon should be compared so that the jordon jockers can see with their own eyes, that outside of the indisputable Power Points, that Wilt is indeed better than jordon. jordon is the reason Judden put quotes around the words "the best" when Judden wrote: Wilt vs. "the best". jordon is only one of the best in the eyes of foolish, mindless Inside Stuff-watching jockriders. Thank you for your kind words on the Wilt page. Judden thinks it is equally as important. Once jordon's foolishness is exposed, roach's need to realize where to turn, lest they turn back on the NBC, and stumble again.


From: <pks09521@email.msn.com>

I have searched for a year for someone who could actually understand my thoughts and ideas about this man......BINGO!!!!!!! I usually get laughed off the BBs whenever I say anything "negative" about jordon. This is indeed the greatest web site I have found since I started surfing. You not only deserve many awards and praise (as well as the undying devotion of your readers) but also government sponsorship and funding. You may singlehandedly have saved our country from total domination by followers of jordon's foolishness. You are without peer. You are supreme. You are Judden.

My compliments!

Thank you for these moving, heartfelt words. Judden may shed a tear! Yes, I am indeed Judden, and your assessment was indeed correct. As far as preaching the truth to jordon jockers, remember: fight the good fight! SuperKnicksFan, the founding father of the EjF's was ridiculed much when he started exposing jordon's foolishness back in 1995. He persevered, and look at what his perseverance has produced! Always let truth be your ally and the jordon jockers will have no response, other than personal attacks and gnashing their teeth, for they cannot dispute the documented proof of jordon's foolishness, no matter how much Ahmad, Bill, and Isiah try to white-wash it.


From: GlobalGreg <GlobalGreg@aol.com>

P.S. - I throughly enjoyed your page. Very funny stuff.

Thank you. I realize that jordon is so foolish, that it is funny, yet at the same time, it's a shame that people mistake the humor of his foolishness as "greatness."


From: GlobalJSun <GlobalJSun@aol.com>

[jordon] is an over-rated, over-paid, wanna be. If only he could play basketball as good as he plays the public eye. I want to join your elite EjF club.


Consider yourself in like Flynn! jordon is indeed wretched and foolish. You speak the truth!


From: <tomaz.tomsic@telekom.si>

I would like to share the wisdom and the power of EjF as a full-time member and supporter.

Share on, my brother!


From: Laura Crenshaw<lauravc@mindspring.com

Just wanted to pass along my own MJ experience. After his first year in the NBA he was back in Chapel Hill for summer school and I was a lowly undergraduate earning a few bucks delivering for Domino's. I went one night to a small house with a black Mercedes parked out front, and no lights on. A tall dude came to the door to get his pepperoni pizza, but it was so dark I couldn't see his face, and figured it was a UNC football player. Anyway, when I got back in my car and looked at the check, I recognized Jordan's signature (I'd gotten his autograph in high school). No tip!

Oh my EjF sister, thank you for these powerful words! I hope you put that piece of paper with jordon's foolish "X" to good use: such as toilet paper for camping trips or for spitting bubble gum into! The jordon jockers cannot deny these powerful words, though I am sure they will try. If more people like you were to step forward, the world would see jordon for the wretched fool that he is!


From: Janet <jcgirl@rocketmail.com>

...keep up the great work!!!!!!

from a die-hard Knicks fan/jordan hating/bulls despising/girl from Jersey --- Janet

A female EjF!!! Will you marry me? :)

(BTW, the picture of jordon's child labor abuse trophy came from her website--it is linked on the page with the picture-- along with the video clip of Iverson schooling jordon. She is a very powerful Exposer of jordon's Foolishness!)


From: Quentin R <kendora@yahoo.com>

I just looked at your site, and it's very interesting. The ways you use to expose the inferior skills of Jordan are very elaborate. I think they are very capable of making a Bulls fan red (esp. those "so-called" fans). And you give examples of better players (Like Iverson and Wilt). Pretty interesting stuff. You are definitely clear for linkage…I will not forget to put your page on my list during my next update. Well to be honest, I really don't update my pages as I used to. Hey? How am I going to keep up a A average, do a job and chores at the same time? Things will change.

This powerful man's powerful Stern-crushing homepage is listed under my "Links" section. Keep up the good, hard work my friend. School should always come first! Don't be like jordon and drop out. That is why he is uneducated and foolish. It was also one of the first signs that he is a quitter (like he later proved in 1993).

(Ever notice how people who see and expose jordon's foolishness are the ones making the A's and the jordon jockers are the people in the cardboard boxes saying, "I wish I was Mike!" ???)


From: No10 <theaeco@pacific.net.sg>

You are certainly wise and good. For months i looked for a site to expose jordon’s foolishness so that i could direct my unenlightened friends without having to teach them how to use usenet. Finally jordon is now exposed in multimedia glory! Keep up the good work! And keep crushing those roaches!


P.S. May i please have membership to EjF?

You may, you may!!! Teach your friends, but be patient. Much foolishness has been broadcast by the jordon empire. Use the truth as your weapon and the force of your ally. Only then can Darth Stern and the evil emperor jordon be brought down. Worry not, fellow EjF, I will continue stomping cockroaches. It is my destiny! And if you think the EjF page is good, just wait! Keep checking back. I only learned how to make a webpage a week ago. The more I learn, the more ways I will expose jordon's foolishness. Soon, I hope to have audio files, so you can hear jordon expose his own foolishness!!!


From: Miotch! <miotch@r42h173.res.gatech.edu>

THIS KICKS ASS!!! Insightful, witty, shocking...the EjF homepage is a timeless classic of jordon-exposing brilliance!

Keep up the good work.

Miotch! treats jordon jockers like Judden treats jordon. Miotch! Simply powerful.


From: sudhendar hanumantharao <hs@rpi.edu>


I took the quiz and was disappointed to know that you only need 109 points to be Ahmad Rashad - I think 109 should only qualify one to consider Ahmad Rashad as GoD - to be Ahmad Rashad, one should score higher, say like 111 (even 666 will do fine). Btw, I scored myself 49 - so there is still hope for me.

Also, please consider having a separate section for Ahmad. In this page, he surely deserves one. Just ask anybody who saw the 1997 finals against Utah. I still haven't gotten over Ahmad's "interviews" with the Almighty.



No, Ahmad is not 666. That is jordon's number. (See jordon's legacy of evil) That number is not only the number of turnovers jordon commits in a year, but it is also symbolic of the level of wretchedness jordon possesses.

You are right about Rashad's interviews, though. That is why 109 out of 110 gets you that rating. I know it is possible to jock jordon harder than the choices on the list, but this isn't an essay test. Also, it may seem inconceivable, but it IS theoretically possible to jock jordon more than Rashad. That is why, I left the 110 score as a possibility of outjocking Rashad. Have you seen the new section, A Rogue's Gallery of jordon jockers? Rashad's picture is there and he is not only exposing jordon's foolishness, but his own, as well!

As for your 49, hey bud, we EjF's are sending positive thoughts to you. Hang in there. Remember, let truth be your ally. jordon jocking leads to hatred (see: Checking the roach motel), and hatred leads to the Dark side. Spend a lot of time combing through the homepage, and I am sure you will fully see the light of jordon's foolishness. I am lighting a candle in honor of you. For behold, there is more rejoicing when jordon jocker turns to the truth than there is in a 1,000 EjFs exposing jordon's foolishness!


From: JAKE <jyeutter@osf1.gmu.edu>

"Not since Jim Garrison has a man so unselfishly and fearlessly sought after and found the Truth."

-Jake Feb. 25, 1998

That is indeed a powerful testimony. You are a wise man. I would bet you scored a '0' on the jordon-jocking quiz!


From: the coggers <cogger@ozemail.com.au>

You are a very wise person. I wish to join the group you call EjF.

Another powerful warrior to fight the good fight! Consider yourself "knighted" and in EjF! And yes, I do know that Judden is good. Judden is wise. Many people have come to learn this truth on the newsgroup, but another confirmation is always welcomed!


From: John Came <spinane@yahoo.com>

Hey Judd,

I got a question for you: Have you ever compared jordon's Ballhog/Power Points to WNBA players or ABL player's stats? Or women's college basketball players? I'll bet you anything that a lot of these players would have more Powerpoints/ less Ballhog Points than the weak and foolish jordon. Hence a lot of women players would be a lot more handsome and powerful than wretched jordon.

Great Homepage by the Way!!

Many thanks for your kind words. Exposing jordon's foolishness is like shooting fish in a barrel. The options are limitless! There are many college and high school players who are better than jordon. (Remember when that high school kid went to jordon's basketball camp and pinned Foolish jordon's foolish dunk attempt against the glass?) I only have a 5 MB limit for jordon's foolishness (limit from the ISP), so I have to be selective on which areas I can expose. (I had to move my other webpages over to tripod to clear up space for this.  I would move this, but too many people have it bookmarked).  If I exposed ALL of jordon's foolishness, it would take FOREVER to download. Even an Ethernet connections would be futile against jordon's foolishness.


From: your name <yourname@jmu.edu>:

"You da man, Judden!

I love that page! However, could you make the text a darker color, so I can print it out?!

Thanks, man, and keep it up.


I am open to suggestions. With this revision, I added black and white alternates of the FAQ.  I also reversed the colors (black/red), so it isn't so intense.  If you want more, let me know.


From: Greg Perry (gp1@ix.netcom.com)

"...Nice to have you back, and your page is truly a work of art."

For those who do not know, Mr. Perry has long been a strong ally in exposing jordon's foolishness and even popularized the name EjF as the official name of the organization. While we have had our disagreements on small issues, we agree on the foolishness of jordon. jordon's foolishness has the power to unite!


From: Bobby Davis (rbd@ececs.eu.uc.edu)

"I laughed. I cried. I stopped shaving my head and burned my Nikes...The EjF homepage was better than 'Cats.' I'll read it again and again and again..."

I suppose if I were a graduate of Kentucky, Arizona, or Villanova, I would be offended. :)


From: Shawn Chase (superc@us.net)

yes i went to your page through yahoo. i typed "jordon" and it did not work i typed "Foolish jordon" and of course it worked. yahoo does not work unless you type the WHOLE name of jordon. his first name is fool. he puts the 'f' in fool.

Seeing a testimony like this, brings a tear to my eye. My battle is not in vain! Thank you for those moving words!


From: Sadalio Gonzalez (sgonzal1@osf1.gmu.edu)

Hey Judd, checked out the webpage yesterday...a work of art my friend. I especially liked the picture of jordon with the horns, a very accurate description. THat must be why he shaves his head, for he has been bald since high school. I was laughing all the way through it, good job. --sg

It is good to know that my struggle against the evil jordon is not only educational, but entertaining, as well. Thanks for the kind words!


From: jvan (jvan@@bcm.tmc.edu)

"...good to see your jordon page up. It is indeed handsome and powerful in uncovering jordon's foolish ways. Good to see you back in rsbp as well. Thanks for the props directed at me for leading you back! "

This very powerful person let Judden know how to post once again to the basketball newsgroup, so Judden could continue to pimp-slap Foolish jordon jockers.