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 Chang Chen (a jordon jocker) exposes jordon's foolishness
Date: 1997/12/30

I think this is an rsbp first: a jordon jocker who exposes jordon's foolishness.

See, under the thread "A question for jordon jockers", I pose the question why were the Bulls able to play without jordon, the "Greatest player of all time," and only win 2 less games, despite an injury to John Paxson that limited him to 27 games.

To Chen's credit, he ventured into waters that other jordon jockers, feared to tread: answering this jordon-jocking conundrum.

His answer?  They picked up Steve Kerr from the end of the Orlando Bench and also 2nd team all rookie Toni Kukoc, who couldn't even start. This was almost sufficient to completely overcome the loss of the "greatest player of all time" and another key contributor to 3 titles.

Putting that into perspective, well, perhaps adding 12th man-caliber player from Orlando's team last year would be accurate, perhaps Donald Royal?  However, that 1993 Magic team had just missed the playoffs, so perhaps it would be more accurate to pull a 12th man from a team that is one of the better lottery teams...maybe Sacramento?   A player of the ability, of say, Kevin Gamble? Yeah...that's the ticket!  And a player whose abilities would be of a 2nd team all-rookie, non-starting, SF-caliber?   Oh, how about Derek Anderson?

Yeah, Derek Anderson and Kevin Gamble could make up for the loss of "the greatest player of all time"?  They surely couldn't make up for a player like Shaq or Malone.   If players of this caliber (Anderson and Gamble) could not make up for some of the better players in the league, I wonder how they could make up for jordon?  Unless perhaps jordon is overrated?

Perhaps one of the other cockroaches can step forward and answer this conundrum without exposing their tin god's foolishness the way Chang Chen has.

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Bob Greene (jordon's Biographer) exposes jordon's foolishness
Date: 1997/10/13

Back in 1997, I tried to read Bob Greene's jordon jocking biography about jordon "Hang Time:  Days and Dreams with [jordon]."  Greene's photo can be seen on the photos of jordon jockers.

However, even the most fanatical jordon jocker cannot hide jordon's foolishness, (jordon has too much foolishness to hide: too many lies, too many contradictions, too much greed.) so I started giving updates on jordon's foolishness as I found them.  I never did finish the book.  After 3 chapters of jordon jocking, I had enough and couldn’t stomach it anymore.  I did report jordon's foolishness from Chapter 1, but never went any further (but there is chapter 3, Greene points out that power players, such as Bob Cousy take time to appreciate their fans, where jordon walks right by them without even acknowledging them).

To answer the question that burns to be asked: No, I did not fund jordon's foolishness cause.  I bought the book at a second hand store, to insure I don't give money too the lord of child labor.

Chapter 1: The topic is dreams.  Greene is kissing jordon's buttox seriously, trying to fill his 3 page chapter with poetic prose about how everyone dreams about being jordon.  However, 2 bits of jordon foolishness slip out:

#1) jordon says he does not dream of being a basketball player.  He knows he will never be a good one, so he gave up.

#2) jordon dreams of 2 things: One is being a baseball player.   Further proof he has no love for basketball.

3 pages, and a jordon jocker cannot even hide jordon's foolishness.

Here is an excellent reply to my post from Troy Voorhes:

You forgot the most telling thing that jordon mentions within these 3 pages: jordon says he dreams of being a pitcher, but adds he also wants to hit as well. Foolish jordon! You know you can't pitch and hit at the same time! No doubt that whatever sport he plays, jordon wants the ball all the time, every time. So even jordon himself admits his ballhog-ish tendencies for the entire world. Sad.

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Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson expose jordon's foolishness at the McDonald's Tourney.
Date: 1997/10/20

First of all, in the finale, I also noticed in the first half, the Bulls increased their lead while ballhog, 1-dimensional jordon was on the bench.  It's obvious the Bulls are a much stronger offensive team when they put the ball in the hands of better shooters like Longley, Harper, Kerr, and especially Kukoc!!!!

During the game, NBC announced that Phil "the Phool" Jackson said the Bulls will be lucky to win half of their games while Scottie Pippen is gone.  Hmmm.  When jordon retired, the Bulls slipped 2 games.  Without Pippen, Phil thinks they will slip from a 69-13 team, to a team that struggles to play .500 (and they did, until Rodman finally decided to carry the team on his back!)

At the same time, Dennis Rodman held out from playing because he wanted his contract re-negotiated.  His contract called for him to receive a bonus if the Bulls won 60 games and he didn't think they could with Pippen missing half the season.   Now, if Pippen were to return in mid January (which he did), and if the Bulls maintained their .841 winning percentage from that point on (same winning percentage as the previous season), then Rodman was saying that he didn't think jordon could lead them to a .500 record!  Why would Phil the Phool and Rodman say this?  Simple:   history was on their side.  Before Pippen joined, jordon never posted a winning regular season record, even though he had an excellent supporting cast (see FAQ for more details).
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Jerry Krause exposes jordon's foolishness!

Many jordon jockers like to give jordon all the glory for the Bulls'5 championships. They are wrong.Observe the words of the mastermind behind the Bulls dynasty from the April 6, 1998 edition of the Sporting News (page 11): "The Bulls never won a title before coach Phil Jackson turned the offense over to Tex Winter...Phil Jackson is the latest [coach] in line [of those discipled by Tex] and would be the first to tell you that much of his successes been achieved by having Tex next to him on the bench and on the practice floor these many years."Judden recently said that in order for a team with jordon on it to win a title, whether it be in college or the pros, they needs a top 50 player of all time (Worthy/Pippen), a good rebounding big man (Perkins/Grant/Rodman)and a KSU man on the bench (Winters/Bill Guthridge). No KSU man, no rings.That is why Pippen and Grant were not able to win the title in 1988-90.Krause agrees: Judden is good. Judden is wise. jordon is overrated and insignificant to the Bulls' championship success.

Furthermore, let's not forget that jordon opposed the Bulls drafting Toni Kukoc in 1990.  He thought it was a waste of 2nd round draft pick, and that the Bulls should have signed a safer pick (to sign).  After seeing Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals (vs. Indiana), when Kukoc carried jordon on his back through the 2nd half, don't you agree that it's a good thing that Jerry Krause, and not Michael jordon, is the General Manager of the Bulls?

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Deep Blue exposes jordon's foolishness!  

by Grinch.

SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah Jazz forward Karl Malone was named Thursday as the winner of the 1997-98 IBM Award, determined by a computerized rating that measures a player's overall contributions to a team.

Malone, who finished second to Detroit Pistons forward Grant Hill last season, is the first Utah player to win the IBM Award since its creation prior to the 1983-84 season.  Malone led Utah to the best record (62-20) in the NBA this season and averaged 27.0 points, 10.3 rebounds and 3.9 assists in 37.4 minutes per game. He shot 53 percent from the field and ranked third in the league in scoring, sixth in rebounding and ninth in shooting percentage. The 11-time All-Star moved into fourth-place on the NBA's all-time scoring list on March 28 in a game against the Lakers and has 27,782 career points.  He scored 20 or more points 76 times this season, 30 or more points 23 times and 40 or more points four times, including a league-high 56 points at Golden State on April 7.

Forward Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs, the 1997-98 NBA Rookie of the Year, finished second in the computerized rating. Spurs center David Robinson, a five-time winner of the IBM Award, was third, followed by Hill and Atlanta Hawks center Dikembe Mutombo, the NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Michael [jordon] of the Chicago Bulls was just eighth in the computerized ranking, behind teammate Dennis Rodman, who was sixth.

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Theo Chen (Beckett Magazine) exposes jordon's foolishness

by Scooter

Today I was looking at my May Beckett (we get mags 1-2 months late in Aus)and I saw this article on pages 14/5. Theo Chen was jocking Jordon very hard! He said ' I say Kobe is overatted not because of what he has done, but what he hasn't, such as , 1) win an NBA title, 2) win a regular season MVP,3) carry his team on his back for the playoffs. After Jordon's first 2years what had he done???  Had he done any of the 3 above which he criticized Kobe of not doing? I think not! 1) Jordon hadn't got past round 1 in the playoffs first 2 years. At least Kobe got to the Conference Finals.2) Win a regular season MVP. Neither did.3) Carry his team in the playoffs. Jordon 'carried' his Scottie-less-Bulls to defeat and were home in time to watch most of the playoffs. Yet Kobe ,slightly, contributed to the team. They are both hogs - just Jordon is a bigger one! One is a cancer one is a contributor.

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SUPER KNICKS Fan exposes jordon's foolishness!

Super Knicks Fan was the founding father of the Exposers of jordon's Foolishness group.  He came onto the newsgroup proclaiming jordon to be a ballhogging wretch.  He was scoffed at for a while, but he continued in his just quest to preach the truth.  As time went on, people started becoming aware of jordon's foolishness.  While SKF has moved on, his spirit remains and his endurance strengthens us, as we continue to expose jordon's foolishness.  I have collected many of his powerful posts.  To read them, click here.  Below is one of his many powerful and handsome posts that exposed the foolishness of jordon:

Subject:      jordon the wretch
From:         SuperKnicksFan <>
Date:         1996/12/03
Message-ID:   <>
It's sad during the Bulls' home games how anybody could cheer foolish 
jordon so much. While the fans are cheering "We refuse to lose" jordon is
shouting at his teammates "I refuse to pass," allowing Rodman in working overtime to rebound jordon's bricks. And as jordon's brick-a-thon
continues, he just merely even gets more attention and support for his

jordon. Simply a ballhog.
jordon. Simply pampered by phil the phool.

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Scottie Pippen exposes jordon's foolishness

Friday's USA Today, featured an article on the Bulls entitled "The reign might be ending."  In it, Pippen says about jordon, "As we've seen in his career, he's been one of the greatest scorers, and I've tried to be one of the greatest all-around players."  Notice that Pippen says that he is the one who was a great all-around players, and not jordon.  He said jordon is a great scorer, not a great shooter.  I agree.  That is why jordon a 1-dimensional ballhog (Read more about it in the FAQ).   If you gun enough, you will score a lot.  Yeah, it maybe detrimental to the team, but with great players like Pippen, Rodman, and Kukoc, they are able to overcome jordon the cancer.

In the same article, jordon says that he will not play anymore if he doesn't get to play with Pippen.  jordon describes it as a "slap in the face" to play without Pippen and gives a lot of b.s. about trust and harmony between them.  Why is this b.s?  Because Pippen doesn't echo jordon's sentiments.  Pippen WILL play next year, and he appears to want out of Chicago, so he no longer has to play with jordon the albatross around his neck.  Why would jordon, and not Pippen, retire without the other?  Is jordon a has-been?   Not according to his jockers -- he just won another undeserved MVP.  The reason why is because we have seen how jordon does without Pippen:  3 straight losing seasons, a 2-9 playoff record, and 3 straight first round ousters in the playoffs, even though he had a talented supporting cast.  (Read more about it in the FAQ).  Pippen, with a less-talented supporting cast in 1994, when jordon retired, went 6-4 in the playoffs, advanced to the second round (and came a bad-call away from the Conference finals -- again, see the FAQ), and posted a 55-27 record without jordon.  When Pippen joined the Bulls, they improved 10 games.  When jordon left the Bulls, they dropped 2 games.   Pippen knows he can succeed without jordon.  jordon knows he will fail without Pippen.  History has proven this point, and jordon acknowledges it!

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NBA Referee Jack Madden exposes jordon's foolishness!


This article comes to me by way of the powerful EjF Grinch:

SI: So is it also a myth that Michael [jordon] gets away with more than most players?

Madden: He's so quick with his feet that he gets away with walking an
unbelievable number of times, especially when he's in the post, with his back to the basket.

SI: Did you nail [jordon] for traveling?

Madden: All the time. He got upset about it, too. I think he hated to see me walk into the gym.

*    *      *    *    *

This powerful and just official "retired" in 1994.  Do you suspect his fair officiating on jordon perhaps forced him into an early retirement?  Hmmm...  if only the other officials in the NBA were so fair!

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Steve Kerr exposes jordon's foolishness

By Grinch

Steve Kerr, after jordon's game losing brick in Game 5: "We wanted to go to Toni because Malone was on him and Toni was on fire," Kerr said. "From where I was, it looked like Michael's shot had a chance to go in. But we didn't deserve to win. They outplayed us. It was probably justice that it didn't go in."

"We wanted to go to Toni because Malone was on him and Toni was on fire,"

What Kerr really meant: We wanted to go to Toni (shooting 4 for 6 3pt) but ballhog broke up the play and stole the ball

"From where I was, it looked like Michael's shot had a chance to go in"

What Kerr really meant: I could've made that shot(Kerr shot 2 for 3 from three-point land)

"It was probably justice that it didn't go in."

What Kerr really meant: The wages of ballhoggedyness. Serves jordon right.

Right on, Steve Kerr!

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Spike Lee exposes jordon's foolishness!

July 14, 1998

I recently saw Spike Lee's new movie, "He got game"  (you can tell by the title, it's not about jordon!) There are a lot of players and coaches hyping up Jesus Shuttlesworth (played by Ray Allen). At the end of the hype, Foolish jordon says, "He's got game." On the court, Foolish jordon is a Tom Hanks -- if an opponent breathes on Foolish jordon, jordon acts like he's been hit by a Kermit Washington right cross. So why, oh why, is he such a lousy actor on screen? One simple line, and he says it with all the enthusiasm of Ben Stein! And what does jordon know about game? He wouldn't know game if it dunked on him, because everybody with and without game torches Foolish jordon!

Isn't it ironic that the jordon the Anti-Christ would be commenting on a character named "Jesus"? Another point I noticed is that Jake Shuttlesworth (played by Denzel Washington) got out of jail and immediately bought himself a pair of Air jordon's. That is not suprising for a thug, criminal, wife-killer to do such a thing. Foolish jordon (as I have already proven in the "legacy of evil" post) is the role model for such hooligans. Wearing foolish shoes and jocking such a wretch is no doubt the reason that Jake got schooled so badly by Jesus.  And, oh, the irony of Jake telling the warden about how younger players haveno respect for their elders and have no fundamentals, while Jake emulates Foolish jordon--the king of bad attitudes, no fundamentals, and quarrelling with coaches!!!

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Tim Floyd exposes jordon's foolishness!

July 25, 1998

By Kevin R. Schneider

When interviewed on ESPN yesterday, Tim Floyd had much to say about the bricking, gunning, lazy superstar Michael jordon. When asked about him, Floyd said his greatest memory of him was missing a shot! Jordon got back on the defensive end (for the first time in his life, must've been when Doug Collins was the coach), and made a steal. He then shot the ball again! He didn't say whether jordon made the second shot, so he undoubtedly missed again. So, jordon throws up a wild brick, runs back to steal the ball (he probably left his man alone), and guns it and bricks a second shot!

This is the most memorable play of the greatest player of all time? Me thinks it must be untrue. He must remember jordon's 63 point game against the Celtics (where jordon heaved up one of his many buzzer-bricks to cost his team the win)! Or there must have been a good game in jordon's only halfway decent year, 1989! But no, Floyd said it plainly and clearly - jordon's most memorable play is a brick! Now this is fitting for the most overrated player of all time, not the best player of all time.

Julius Erving has the behind-the-backboard layup. Magic Johnson has the no look pass. Bird has the hustle steal against Isaih and the Pistons. Wilt has the 100 point game. But what does jordon have? A brick. Now, how is he the greatest of all time? Answer, he isn't. Tim Floyd has just Exposed jordon's foolishness.

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The New Yorker exposes jordon's foolishness!

August 17, 1998

By Kirk W. Hanneman

From "The New Yorker" magazine, July 13, 1998. The title of the article is "Endgame" authored by Adam Gopnik.

"Eventually, the defensive edge will be so enormous that, to stay in business as a spectacle, a sport has to change its rules, openly or surreptitiously.  The big recent change in basketball, for instance, which took place somewhere between the Julius Erving and Michael [jordon] eras, was a silent modification of the rule against travelling, so that now, it seems, a player can take about as many steps as he needs--a fact that only Rabbit Angstrom has officially noted."

Foolish jordon! Even when talking about other sports the bending of the rules to help jordon is too obvious not to be recognized. In fact, jordon was only mentioned due to this. Gopnik is wise indeed to point out that this modification of the rules came after greats such as Dr. J, Magic, and Bird played. jordon jockers can never live down the clear bending of the rules for jordon to be successful.

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Lawsuit exposes jordon's foolishness!

Added October 1, 1998

As I speak, Foolish jordon is involved in a lawsuit.  Supposedly, jordon had agreed to participate in the filming of the movie Heaven is a Playground.  The producers contend that jordon breached his contract and as a result, the movie flopped, only making $168,000 at the box office.  They are seeking $16-20 million.  Foolish jordon contends that the filming was postponed due to lack of financing, and that he is not responsible for the film's financial failure.

The producers argue that the movie wouldn't have flopped if jordon had met his contractual agreement, undoubtedly because all of the jordon jockers would come and see it.  Now, would jordon go back on his word?  Naw!  He said that he'd never wear #23 again, and he isn't!   Before he retired in 1993, he said in his book that when he retired, he'd never come back, and he's stayed true to that promise, right?   jordon is as honest as the day is long!  Well, since I am unbiased in all of my judgements, I have to agree with jordon.  Sure, jordon would have helped bring more viewers to the movie, but at the same time, the cost of making the film would have been astronomical!  Imagine them trying to film jordon dunking on some street ball would take days and days and days to get this on film!  Without the jordon-jocking refs to call fouls (street ball), jordon would get gloved, and his foolishness exposed!  Space Jam succeeded ONLY because jordon played basketball by himself in front of a blue screen, and the jordon-jocking animators were able to draw the opponents in such a way to make jordon look good.  Furthermore, it cost Warner Bros. a hefty amount of cash in CGI/special effects to make jordon's numerous bricks appear to go through the hoop.

Therefore Judden Wopner sides with the defendant.  jordon's foolishness should save him serious money this time.

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Garth Brooks Exposes jordon's foolishness

Added February 26, 1999

Today's USA Today sports' main story, titled "Brooks a hit with Padres":

"...Just look at all the chaos and embarrassment the country music superstar-turned-fantasy camper caused Thursday in just one day of spring training:

Take note of King Garth's work ethic, and the line about "as is his custom". I'll refer to it later.


'He is awfully polite, Padres manager Bruce Bochy says. 'He's brought in a little bit different lingo, and that's not a bad thing, either.'"

jordon brought his own lingo to the Bulls -- running down teammates at every turn. Putting down Bill Cartwright in the press; Calling Will Perdue 'Will Vanderbilt', etc


"The fans want him to stay. The Padres' management wants him to stay. The players and coaches, some of whom were pretty skeptical when this experiment was announced earlier this month, want him to stay, too."

According to some of the jordon jockers I debated in a Krause vs. jordon debate on Usenet, Chicago management DIDN'T want jordon to stay!


"[Says Padres coach Tim Flannery] He's got more money than most of these guys out here can count, and he's still out here playing a game because he just loves to play it. I think it's a great reality check for everyone out here. I think it's awesome."

Note: jordon wouldn't play in 1996 and 97 unless the Bulls met his demands: $30M+/yr, his choice of coach, his choice of teammates...jordon doesn't play because he loves the game. He plays for money and power.


"Brooks says his primary goal in spring training is to raise awareness for The Touch 'Em All Foundation, a charitable collaboration Brooks co-founded that will be a partnership between major league ballplayers, entertainers and corporations...The Padres, instead of paying Brooks during spring training,donated $200,000 to the foundation."

King Garth plays to help out those less fortunate. jordon got into baseball for his own selfish reasons. He said it was "HIS" dream to play. jordon wanted to bring attention to himself. King Garth brings attention to charity.


"His work ethic alone, and how it might rub off on others, is worth any risk of straining boundaries of credibility in this affair." 'He's driven," Padres general manager Kevin Towers says. 'People in the music business talk about how he'll get to a concert real early and help with the lights or whatever. Nothing is beneath him. I mean, he'll hit 200 balls, then go out with a bucket and pick 'em all up.'" remember the earlier line about 'as is his custom'? King Garth sets an example by his hard work ethic. Comes early/stays late/no job is beneath him. jordon didn't take part in pre-game shootarounds. Phil the Phool allowed lazy jordon this exception. Only when Phil the Phool started cutting back jordon's playing time, did jordon start shooting, and only because he wanted to warm-up faster, so he could hog the ball in the first quarter and defend his scoring title, that Phil didn't want him to focus on.  Even jordon himself, in his own book, said that he he is lazy and lacks a good work ethic. It's nice to know that King Garth doesn't sing "Be like Mike", just like Larry Legend doesn't.  (you can read more about it in the jordon library).


"He's doing hours and hours of autograph-signing daily, and he won't stop...He's signed everything, and with Garth, you don't just get a signature. You get a smile. A conversation. A pat on the shoulder. Doesn't he get tired of it? 'The people,' he says, 'that's what it's all about. If I'm trying to get away from them, how am I going to sing to them?'"

In Bob Greene's book, Hang Time: Days and Dreams with Michael jordon, in chapter 3, jordon says that when he walks off the court, he knows the fans gather aroun the entrance just to see him. He can feel their gazes, but he won't even LOOK UP TO ACKNOWLEDGE THEM! Greene goes on to tell about meeting Bob Cousy and how happy he was that Couz took time to give him an autograph when he was younger. jordon is simply a jerk who hates the very jockers he uses.


"...he'll never be the first one to quit. For a decade, he has delivered
musical messages of determination. Now, he says, 'it's time to put up or shut

Remember jordon's 1993 retirement? His message was basically, 'I have nothing left to prove, so I'm quitting.' Then, after jordon's presence in baseball resulted in the 1994 strike, jordon quit again the following season, after his poor work ethic resulted in a Mendoza-line batting average in Double- A ball. jordon is a quitter, unlike King Garth.

Furthermore, King Garth excelled at a 2nd sport, as King Garth was a scholarship track athlete at Oklahoma State University. jordon has been a miserable failure in every sport he has tried. King Garth is a switch hitter who plays 3rd base and center field. jordon can't bat left handed (just like he can't go to the left in basketball and can't shoot with his left hand) and was a rag-armed outfielder. King Garth is one of the greatest singers in history. jordon can't even carry a tune ("This old man", anybody?)

In the final analysis we have:

King Garth

Foolish jordon

Ambidextrous Yes No
versatile Yes No
Mutli-sport star Yes No
Likes fans Yes No
Good work ethic Yes No
Love of sport Yes No
Positive lingo Yes No
Inspires teammates Yes No
Polite Yes No
Wanted by management Yes No
Good singer Yes No
Good baseball player Yes No
Good basketball player Yes No
Quitter No Yes
Self-centered No Yes
Be like King Garth, not jordon.

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Chris Dudley Exposes jordon's foolishness

Added March 29, 1999

OK jordon jockers...let's see you explain this!

This from

"Midway through the fourth quarter, [Shaquille] O'Neal shoved [Chris] Dudley to the floor after a dunk that put the Lakers ahead 80-75. Dudley responded by picking up the ball and throwing it at O'Neal as he headed downcourt. Both players were hit with technical fouls, and Dudley was ejected -- an automatic rule when a player throws a ball and it hits another player."

and this from Larry Bird's autobiography "Drive":

"I felt that Bill [Laimbeer] was trying to hurt me on that play [in Game #4 of the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals] and out of sheer frustration I threw the ball at him. Even under those circumstances, I shouldn't have done that and of course I was kicked out of the game." -- Page 180.

NOTE the word "automatic" doesn't matter if a player was provoked or not, if you throw a ball, you are ejected.

Sooooo.... care to explain why during the last week of the regular season, when Michael jordon threw the ball at Mark Jackson's head, jordon wasn't ejected? Bird was ejected in a PLAYOFF game!!!

Let me answer the question...jordon and Shaq were fighting for the scoring title. To eject jordon would greatly have hurt his chances of padding his numbers, so the jordon jocking refs gave jordon yet ANOTHER exception, so that jordon could win another manufactured scoring title. Need proof? Watch the pathetic officiating job in the finale against the Knicks, where jordon took 24 free throws.

Once again, we see jordon operated on an entirely different set of rules.  jordon jockers, please don't say "all superstars get preferential treatment, "because you jordon jockers will once again flaunt your ignorance. Many of you jordon jockers weren't watching basketball in the 1980s (let alone before
1996), so you probably don't know that Larry Bird was once a player. Larry Bird was one of the top 2 superstars of his day, and received MORE than his fair share of David S(a)tern-ordered biased officiating, yet even HE couldn't get out of an automatic rule.

jordon: simply a joke. Simply a player who needed a handicap to succeed.


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Bill Bradley Exposes jordon's foolishness

Added March 30, 1999

Remember last year's baseball playoffs?

Michael jordon threw out the first pitch of the game, dressed in a Sammy So-So jersey, and he nearly threw the ball over So-So's head? I pointed out that SURELY an athlete as great as jordon (according to his jockers) could "pass" a baseball 60 feet, 6 inches...but jordon struggles to do that, because jordon never passed the ball!

To read more about, click here:

Today's USA Today said that Bill Bradley threw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Devil Ray's spring training game last weekend, and he threw it right down the middle. What does this tell us?

Bradley knows how to pass, unlike jordon.  Bradley, at the age of about 56, is a better athlete than 35 year old jordon.

Bill Bradley. Simply powerful.
jordon. Simply foolish.

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Mia Hamm Exposes jordon's foolishness

mia2.gif (3931 bytes)

In the new Gatorade commercial, we see jordon expose his foolishness again.  After Super John Starks scared jordon into retirement, jordon decided that he wasn't man enough to play in the NBA, so he tried to take on a lady.  (There is a logic to this, since jordon played the outfield back in 1994 about as well as Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip).  However, there is no refuge for jordon from his foolishness.  He tried to talk mondo trash on soccer superstar Mia Hamm and she exposed his foolishness a thousand-fold.  First, she dominated him in soccer, then she torched in basketball (she had an easier time on the basketball court, since jordon is even worse in basketball!)  Then, she dominated him in many sports: tennis, track, and fencing, to mention a few.  jordon was very angry because there were no jordon-jocking refs to help him out. 

Then, jordon thought he could take her on in Judo, but just like the less-than-manly-men Reggie Miller and Danny Ferry showed him, jordon is a chef, not a fighter, and she kicked his @ss!  To see her do this, click here.  

Foiled again, jordon is now contemplating trying to take on a child.

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Dr. J exposes jordon's foolishness


""'Crossover' was an important word to me. [Says Julius Erving] It became important to be able to be accepted in all different kinds of neighborhoods.  These kids today don't feel the same."

In fact, Erving, bespectacled and graying now, is critical even of [jordon].   'Closing your eyes when you shoot a free throw?' he says. 'That's all about 'Look at me, look at me.''"

-- Keepin' It Real. Larry Platt. Page 18

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ESPN exposes jordon's foolishness


From ESPN's website:
"Can [Phil] Jackson get Bryant more shots? Portland's relentless swarms of double- and triple-teams are forcing  O'Neal and Bryant to pass to open teammates, but Kid Kobe has never been this unselfish. Eighteen shots in two games? And 12 misses? With Glen Rice down to one good knee and the other Lakers too inconsistent to count on, L.A. needs Bryant's best Michael [jordon] imitation -- and fast."
      Hmmmmm....Kobe needs to imitate jordon.  Kobe has been unselfish and this is NOT imitating jordon.  No mention of defense, so obviously playing tough defense is not imitating jordon.  Same with rebounds.
Kobe needs to be a ballhog in order to imitate jordon?  Only 1 aspect is mentioned and this imitates jordon.  So in order to imitate jordon, you simply need to be a selfish, 1-dimensional ballhog.
        Gee, where have I heard that before?


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