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"Those who smoke mj jock Mj."--Air Judden


Welcome to the lighthouse of truth in the midst of the jordon-jocking fog!

Greetings!  Welcome to the most powerful basketball site on the web!  This page cuts through the hype generated by the jordon-jocking media and exposes the clay feet of the tin god, Michael jordon.   Is he the best ever?  Hardly!  Was he the best player in 1997-98?   Negative!  Was he the best player on the Chicago Bulls?  Nay!  This page tells you why.  Enjoy your stay.  However, let me give you some tips on navigating through this page.


I want to learn of jordon's foolishness (Informational navigator) I want to laugh at Foolish jordon (Humor navigator) I just want to surf around (stick with current navigator frame)


Enjoy your stay.  May it be an educational experience for you!

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